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Prices of new LED conference lights at the end of 2020, providing cost-effective lamps

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Prices of new LED conference lights at the end of 2020, providing cost-effective lamps

At present, the price of LED conference lights on the market is far from each other, and they vary greatly. I feel dizzy and dizzy. Maybe many people still don't know enough about LED conference lights and don't know how to choose cost-effective lamps. In fact, it is not difficult. First, look at the quality of LED conference lights, and second, look at your meeting room lighting requirements. For example, many state-owned enterprise meeting rooms, government agency meeting rooms, university meeting rooms, etc. have particularly obvious requirements for meeting room lighting, high brightness, high light efficiency; energy saving and environmental protection, no radiation; in line with the beautiful design of the meeting room, it is important to Meet the requirements of video conference recording and photo capture.

It can be understood from the current market that the price of LED conference lights ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand. Why is the price gap so big? The first is the difference between the power supply of the LED conference light and the lamp beads. The price of several hundred pieces of LED power supply and lamp beads may only be used for a year or a half. The second is the material of the LED conference light housing. Generally poor LED meeting lights have rough appearance, simple workmanship, and insufficient heat dissipation; poor light transmittance, uneven light color, good LED meeting lights have high luminous efficiency, high light transmittance, stable light decay, and uniform light color.

embedded electric flip LED conference lights

LED meeting light

Please call the service hotline or consult online customer service for the price of new LED conference lights at the end of 2020. "Vangaa" focuses on the customization of film and television lighting equipment engineering, providing meeting room lighting design solutions and cost-effective LED meeting lights. The new LED meeting room lamp meets the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection; uniform light color; high light transmittance; patented heat dissipation; and long life. It is not only cost-effective but also very beautiful.

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