VanGaa Lighting Co., Limited is an internationally recognized company that focus on energy efficient LED technology for professional studio and stage lighting fixtures. We are involved the business of lighting fixtures designing, manufacturing, selling, events and project designing, installation, after-sales service and others. 
 According to our principle "Achieving Users' Value", we design, manufacture and popularize the quality, professional and practical fixtures for studio and entertainment.
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VanGaa Lighting Factory keeps providing excellent LED studio lights and professional lighting equipments not only for Concert and Fashion Show, but also for the events held in Telecast Hall, Theater, Meeting Room, Multifunction Room, Auditorium, Stage Performances, etc.
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With over a decade of experience, VanGaa Lighting Factory specialises in professional lighting fixtures and maintains a distinct product and market positioning. We are committed to continuous improvement in design, products, and service to better serve our clients and meet the evolving needs of the market.

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While purchasing LED strips, you will find numbers like 2835, 3528, and 5050 in the specification, which may need clarification. These numbers indicate the size of the LED. But what do these numbers mean, and why are they important? LED numbers are the four-digit numbers indicating the size of the L

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Lighting accuracy is critical in today’s residential, commercial and industrial markets. This is measured and quantified using the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which is the industry standard for measuring a particular light’s accuracy. CRI runs on a scale going up to 100, which is the CRI of a black

Assistance - Lighting Renovation of the Studio of Suining People's Broadcasting Station

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