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VanGaa Lighting Co., Limited is an internationally recognized company that focus on energy efficient LED technology for professional studio and stage lighting fixtures. 
We are involved the business of lighting fixtures designing, manufacturing, selling, events and project designing, installation, after-sales service and others. 
Our company's reputation is founded upon innovative, pragmatic design and manufacture of a focused and professional range of LED studio and stage lights. According to our principle "Achieving Users' Value", we design, manufacture and popularize the quality, professional and practical fixtures for studio and entertainment.


VanGaa Lighting

VanGaa was designed as a trade mark in 2006, and VanGaa Lighting is established on 2009 in Guangzhou. At the same time, we have made up our own factory on 2009 which owns three production lines. Current VanGaa Lighting has 1800 square meters workshop and 400 square meters sales and service center in Guangzhou. We design and developed the professional studio and stage lighting fixtures, such as the LED Fresnel Spot Light, LED Profile Spot LEKO Light, LED Soft Video Panel Light, LED Cyclorama Light, LED Moving Head Light and etc. 


Our company incorporates the latest in production processes and quality assurance to ensure that its products meet the highest standards of quality and refinement. The products made by this manufacturer strictly comply with ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE and RoSH safety standards.

VanGaa Company
3VanGaa Company


Our Principles
  Environment friendly and Energy frugally, lighting the green world
  Supply Reliable Quality Product
  Deliver on Time
  Offer Professional Technical support
  Invest in R&D and stay at the forefront of technology
  Rigorously test everything we make
  Initiative to communicate with our customers

Innovation, Quality and Performance, 

We are Achieving Users' Value!


Quality Control


Address: Floor 8, Building 2, Dingshengzhigu Industry Park, No. 9, Dabu Road, Xinhua Town, Huadu District, 510800 GZ, P. R. China
Phones: +86-13825128583   +86-20-86432439 ext 801
Email: info@vangaa.com


About Us
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