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What Are Ellipsoidal Lights Used For ?

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Ellipsoidal light, or Ellipsoidal profile spot (abbreviated to ERS, or colloquially ellipsoidal or ellipse), ellipsoidal spotlight. There are many beam angles that can be selected and applied according to needs. The main feature is that it can cut the light spot into various shapes such as squares, diamonds, triangles, etc., or project various patterns as needed.

200W led ellipsoidal light

200W LED Ellipsoidal light produced by Vangaa

brief introduction

LED ellipsoidal light or Ellipsoidal profile spotellipsoidal spotlight. The light source adopts 150W/200W COB LED. It is an all-rounder. Its performance in color and brightness is almost as beautiful as an ordinary incandescent lamp, long-distance projection and high-precision optical system. The strong power may bring twice the luminous flux. At any position of the performance venue, you can choose the application according to your needs, projecting soft spots or sharp images. The main feature is that the spot can be cut into squares, diamonds, triangles and other shapes like a slide, or projected as needed. All colors are more transparent, all subtle changes in color can be faithfully presented, the spot is uniform, the cut light is clear, and the boundary is free of stray light. It is mostly used in large theaters, large TV stations, press conferences and other occasions.

VanGaa focuses on LED ellipsoidal light, LED conference light series, LED film and television video soft panel light series, LED film and television Fresnel spotlight series, LED par light series, LED leko light series, LED cyclorama light series etc. The brand aims at putting an end to cheap LED lights!

The LED theater profile spotlight system is designed for studios and other applications that require high-definition lighting.

Using RGBAL 5IN1 LED to generate 200W high power, the newly designed VG-LVF220D LED profile spotlight includes five basic colors, namely red, green, blue, amber, and lime, with RGBAL full color, HSIC intelligent color mixing system. There are 14, 19, 26, 36 degrees optional as fixed beam angle. Moreover, ETC style glass lens group has been applied to ensure efficient performance and amazing effect of the light.

RGBAL led leko light

RGBAL 5in1 LED Ellipsoidal light produced by Vangaa


This LED profile spotlight adopts high-quality fire-resistant aluminum die-casting as the shell material, assuring high-grade appearance, sturdiness and durability, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.


The optical device of LED Leko light is specially developed, using ETC optical glass lens group, the light effect is uniform. The image is clear without blue leakage, no burrs, evenly arranged, with cutting pieces, which can produce perfect shading effects of different shapes.

Display Control System and Control

To ensure the light is most cost effective for our customers, we have applied digital LCD display with four buttons as the display control system. RDM function is built in the light, making it the easiest for remote control on the console only.


① Make the stage picture clearer: enable the audience to see clearly or some corners of the stage are not visible to the audience (presentity).

②Strengthen the effect of stage performance: meet the needs of the plot, make the background appear natural, set off, suggest and induce the development of the plot, and adjust the atmosphere (actors, audience).

Principles of using stage lighting:

①Intensity (referring to the brightness of the light): There must be enough light so that the audience can see the color, appearance and details.

②Distribution: Including the distribution of light usage and the direction of shooting to the stage, the main body must be obviously different from the supporting role and the background (color) and the brightness can be distinguished.

③Color: Relying on colored paper, computer toning and other methods to meet the needs of the plot.

④Change: Change the color, brightness and movement of the light according to the needs of the plot. In the specific use of stage lighting, before reducing a certain light source, preparations should be made to enhance the next light source, except for the special needs of the plot. Avoid black sounds, so as not to affect the work of the cast and crew.


The role of stage lighting in modern stage performances: 

①lighting performances, allowing the audience to see the actors’ performances and sceneries clearly; 

②leading the audience’s sight; 

③creating characters, emphasizing emotions and showing stage illusions; 

④creating the space environment needed in the play 

⑤Improve the atmosphere in the play; 

⑥Show the transformation of time and space, highlight the contradictions and conflicts of the drama, strengthen the rhythm of the stage, and enrich the artistic appeal. Sometimes it also cooperates with stage stunts.

Zoom LED ellipsoidal light

LED ellipsoidal light is a very important stage lighting on the stage. It is a good choice for stage surface lights. Advanced technology and precision components create excellent quality and bring high-quality basic light to the stage. The zoom LED profile spotlight is a very popular category in the LED profile spotlight market. The zoom makes the LED profile spot light more adaptable to the stage of different scenes and has a wider range of applications, but is the advantage of the zoom LED profile spot light only zooming? No, take the 19°-50° zoom LED profile spot light as an example. Its lens is very distinctive. Let's take a look.

300W Zoom LED Profile Spot Light

300W Zoom LED Profile Spot Light by Vangaa

19°-50°zoomLED profile spot light adopts a special combination lens, through the movement and cooperation of the lens group, the focal length of the light can be adjusted from 19°-50°, and the inside of the 19°-50°zoom LED profile spot light lens. There are four light-shielding films. With the cooperation of the light-shielding films, various shapes can be easily cut out, thereby changing the spot shape of the 19°-50° zoomLED profile spot light, bringing more changes to the stage. In addition, the 19°-50°zoomLED profile spot light lens is also equipped with a 24K flicker-free light source management system to improve the stability of the light source and ensure that the light is flicker-free and low-frequency flicker, bringing a better viewing experience to the audience.

The 19°-50°zoomLED profile spotlight adopts high CRI Philips lamp beads with 3200K, 5600K optional, can emit a pure beam without noise and shadows, and provides rich saturated colors and soft tones for the stage. Realize 0~100% linear dimming, with a perfect dimming system that adjusts from 0 to 100% without color change. Of course, even if there is a shooting demand on the spot, there is no need to show up. The color rendering index of the 19°-50° zoom led profile spotlight is Ra≥95, the special CRI is R9≥90, R15≥90, which guarantees high-definition shooting and video transmission.


What is the difference between zoom led ellipsoidal light and ordinary led ellipsoidal light?

The LED ellipsoidal light is a general stage surface light and side light, which has a wide range of applications. The common led ellipsoidal lights on the market are generally general LED and zoom LED profile spotlight.

The difference between the zoom LED profile spotlight and the ordinary LED profile spotlight lies in whether the light can be zoomed. This difference is mainly realized by different light-emitting devices. The zoom function is generally achieved by installing a convex lens inside the lamp body, and by changing the light source and lens. The distance, and then change the focal length and irradiation range of the light, and then achieve the effect of zooming. That is to say, the difference between the zoom LED ellipsoidal light and the ordinary LED ellipsoidal light lies in whether the focal length and irradiation range of the light can be changed. This is the essence of zoom.

The product line of Vega  covers high-quality video conference room lighting, stage lighting and studio lighting, which of course also includes LED ellipsoidal light and zoom LED ellipsoidal light. If there is not much need for stage changes, you can choose fixed lens profile lights with different powers according to the size of the stage. If you need more changes in the stage environment, you can choose zoom LED ellipsoidal light. According to different performance lighting needs, change the focal length and Irradiation range. The zoom LED ellipsoidal light has a zoom range of 19-50 degrees, which is enough to correspond to different performance environments. Whether it is a zoom LED ellipsoidal light or a fixed focus LED ellipsoidal light, VanGaa guarantees that a high-CRI COB LED light source is installed inside the lamp. The performance in color and brightness is almost beautiful as an ordinary incandescent lamp, with uniform spot and clear cut light.There is no stray light on the border. It is suitable for face light, slap, side light, and backlight in various performance venues, and is widely used in theater auditoriums, large TV studios, conferences and other places.

How to choose the face of the school stage? Ellipsoidal reflector spot, the light color is transparent and evenly clear

Many schools are now enriching their own teaching equipment and promoting the development of students in all aspects. Building a stage has become the choice of many school leaders. The school stage is generally not large. The scale of construction depends on the scale of the school. Generally, it has multiple functions. The functions of the auditorium, academic lecture hall, and literary performance stage must all be realized. These needs must be met at the same time. The surface light effect is very important. How can we choose the stage surface light for the school stage? Choosing the LED profile light can solve this problem, and the light color is transparent and uniform.

The area of the school stage is generally not too large. Generally, it is a small and medium-sized stage. The stage lighting needs to be changed accordingly. It is good to use multiple lights. The quality of the lighting should be high. Secondly, the price of the lighting should be considered. Leko light meets this requirement very well. The leko light of VanGaa adopts COB light source, the light is pure and uniform, clear and white, which can lay a good style for the school stage, whether it is used as a stage surface light, a multifunctional hall surface light, or an academic lecture hall surface light; secondly, the LED profile light has soft light border. As a stage surface light to illuminate the face of the person, IT effectively eliminates shadows and facial darkening, ensuring that people on the podium is in a good state, and the face is shiny. In the end, the COB light source of the Ellipsoidal profile spot has a high CRI, the light color is consistent, and high-definition shooting is guaranteed.

On the other hand, Ellipsoidal profile spot can achieve many changes, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W different power options are optional according to the size of the stage, and secondly, the color temperature is optional or adjustable, and there are different zooming angles. Choose Ellipsoidal profile spot, the school stage will surely present more possibilities.

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