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LED Fresnel Spotlight

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LED Fresnel Spotlight

Choosing the right Fresnel lights can be difficult. To this end, let us talk about some affordable and feasible options. Whether you are about to build your photography studio or just starting to design a theater lighting program, it is important to understand how lighting works. Today, we will discuss what a Fresnel lens is, how to maximize its function, and what lenses on the market are worth your time and money.


What is the use of a Fresnel lens?


The Fresnel lens is essentially a magnifying glass with focused enlarged beam. It is actually a continuous curved surface of an ordinary convex lens that is truncated into a section of discontinuous curved surfaces with constant curvature. Because its beam is concentrated and shines far away, the earliest Fresnel lens was used on lighthouses to guide ships or indicate dangerous areas. It has been called "the invention that saved a million ships." So using a spotlight, you will get a concentrated lighting area, the operator uses the DMX console to easily control the lamps. Now let's take a look at some of the best Fresnel lights in the market.

 Phare de Cordouan

The first Fresnel lens was used in the Gironde estuary Gordoon Lighthouse   (

ARRI Junior series

The ARRI Junior series is ideal for occasions where a compact and lightweight Fresnel spotlight is required, especially in small studios where floor height is a big issue. Adhering to the classic structure of ARRI, the use of corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy profiles improves the strength of the fuselage while maintaining the light weight of the studio lights. Despite the compact size of ARRI Junior, its short focal length and wide-angle lens can bring impressive light output and good light distribution in the full beam range. ARRI Junior lamp holders are available in manual and lever control versions.



                                               Tungsten Fresnel Light

Vangaa Fresnel light series

Due to the continuous improvement of video shooting technology and the continuous improvement of studio lighting requirements, LED film and television lights have become the mainstream of studio lighting. Because the current camera sensitivity is high, through a series of paths such as the aperture shutter, a little color difference, color temperature difference or flicker will be amplified and captured by the camera. Due to the difference in color rendering of the light source, many LED photography lights will have whitening, skin color and object color deviation from the normal color. If it is used for big movie production, the ARRI series is still the best. But if it is a theater, a TV station or a general video studio, with a limited budget, Guangzhou Vangaa brand is undoubtedly a better choice. The protagonist of this issue's introduction and evaluation is VanGaa's LED Fresnel spotlight.

Vangaa Promotions in March

Vangaa Promotions in March 2021  

VanGaa's LED Fresnel spotlights have a rich and comprehensive selection of models. The power range is wide, from 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W to 500W, etc. There are many colors to choose from, including warm white or cool white, bicolor temperature, RGBW 4-in-1 color, RGBAL 5-in-1 color, etc. The beam angle of the lamps can be controlled motorizedly or manually, with or without fans, to meet the various requirements of TV stations, theaters, high-end conference halls etc.

 led fresnel spotlight (1)

100W led fresnel spotlights

All of VanGaa's LED Fresnel spotlights are independently designed, molded, and produced. Compared with some public model products on the market, VanGaa's self-developed Fresnel have compact body, smooth and beautifullines ; more importantly, they are reasonable in structure, safe to use, and durable. The lamp body is mainly made of the best die-cast aluminum on the market. Compared with ordinary metal housings, die-cast aluminum is more durable and easy to dissipate heat. Speaking of heat dissipation, VanGaa's Fresnel spotlights perform very well. It uses high-quality and efficient copper tube radiator, supplemented by reliable quality mute fans or does not require any fans, and is the leader in low noise or zero noise on the market. Fanless series products are most suitable for noise-sensitive places.

 led fresnel spotlight (2)

200W led fresnel spotlights

VanGaa has also worked hard on the selection of the spotlight source. After repeated testing and practice, the imported light source was finally selected. The color rendering index of the light source can reach 95 or above, and the TLCI value is as high as 90+. The light is uniform, the color is pure, and the lighting effect produced by the application in professional places is excellent.

 led fresnel spotlight

300W led fresnel spotlights

Since VanGaa launched its spotlight, its products have been welcomed by many customers at home and abroad due to its European and American style fashion design, excellent product hardware, and lighteffect. At present, VanGaa's Fresnel spotlight products have spread to 50 or 60 countries all over the world.

 led fresnel spotlight

400W led fresnel spotlight

One of the best-selling products is VG-PB200W. The optional color temperature of this model is 3200K and 5600K, and the constant output power is 200W. It is suitable for long-distance illumination of 5-8 meters. At a color temperature of 5600K and a beam angle of 15 degrees, the brightness is still as high as 620lux at 8 meters. At the maximum angle of 60 degrees, there is still 211 lux at 8 meters, which is obviously brighter than the traditional 2000W tungsten spotlight.

 500W led fresnel spotlight

500W led fresnel spotlight

This model can choose glass lens and acrylic lens. The light output effect of glass lens is better. Under the same circumstances, the brightness is as high as 10% or more than that of acrylic. However, acrylic also has its advantages. Its light is softer, not dazzling, and can better interact with each other to realize the transition and fusion with the surrounding light sources.


In addition, the LED is a cold light source, which does not produce heat radiation during use, enabling the staff in the lighting environment to feel more comfortable and improve their work efficiency; the service life of the LED is as long as 50,000 hours. After installation, it can be used for more than ten years. Its high-power, high-brightness, high CRI, and low-noise design has made this product widely welcomed in TV stations, stadiums, theaters, stages, high-end conference halls and other places.


For professional film and television lights, choose the professional manufacturer-Vangaa Lighting! The quality is guaranteed and the price is more favorable!

Vangaa lighting, specialist in LED studio and stage lights!


Vangaa always insists on developing and producing the most professional film and television lighting equipment for our customers with a professional attitude of excellence. With a strong R&D team and advanced production, Vangaa's various products, especially LED Fresnel light, LED soft video panel lights, LED profile spotlight, LED cycloramra lights are well-known in the industry for high quality, excellent service, and high cost performance.

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