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What is the difference between the architectural environment of a theater auditorium and a studio?

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1 Analysis of the architectural environment of the theater auditorium and studio

Both studios and theater auditoriums have their own classification methods. In addition to both being classified according to space (such as large-scale studios, medium-sized theaters, etc.) and uses (such as variety studios, opera houses, etc.), studios will also be classified according to signals Types are classified (such as high-definition studios), and theater auditoriums will be classified according to the shape of the stage (such as mirror-frame stage theaters). Among the many sound systems, the theater sound system is relatively similar to the medium and large studio sound system. The author analyzes the similarities and differences between the two types of systems to make the relevant system design more pertinent and applicable.

1.1 Architectural Acoustic Environment

Both the studio and the theater auditorium are used rooms. In some aspects, the acoustic environment requirements are the same. They should have well-balanced frequency transmission characteristics, flat natural sound reverberation, and sound energy evenly distributed; there should be no sound focus or sound distortion Acoustic defects such as sound shadows, long delay reflections, flutter echoes, and unnecessary interference noises and vibrations.

The performance type and content of the studio and the theater auditorium are different, so the acoustic environment requirements such as reverberation are also different. The language studio pays attention to the clarity of the language, and often uses strong sound absorption processing to shorten the reverberation time; while the variety studio needs to take into account singing and dancing, music and language, and the reverberation is longer than the language studio. In GB/T50356-2005 "Specifications for Acoustic Design of Theaters, Cinemas and Multi-purpose Auditoriums", depending on the purpose of the theater, there are clear requirements for the reverberation time of each frequency in the auditorium, but in general, the reverberation time of the theater is longer than that of the studio. room.

The different functional requirements of theater auditoriums and studios determine their respective architectural forms and sound environment. The architectural acoustic environment is the foundation of the electro-acoustic system. Different volumes, architectural structures, and architectural acoustic characteristics make theaters and studios more effective. The acoustic design is also different.

The built environment of the studio

1.2 Internal building structure

The internal structure of the studio and theater auditorium is different. The stage, auditorium, cantilevered platform, etc. of the theater auditorium are all designed before the construction of the main building, and the possibility of modification after the completion of construction is very low. Therefore, the internal architectural space of the theater auditorium is generally fixed, and the structure is relatively complex, and the relationship between the auditorium and the stage is relatively stable. In addition, the theater auditorium also has higher requirements for backstage areas such as costume rooms, dressing rooms, prop rooms, and sound control rooms, light control rooms, and power amplifier rooms.

The overall structure of the studio is flexible, and the specific layout can be adjusted according to the different needs of the program. The relationship between the stage and the auditorium is not as stable as the theater. Compared with the common mirror-frame proscenium design in theaters, the studios are mostly rectangular buildings and open stage, and it is not suitable to adopt a concave curved surface. At the same time, the use of audio, lighting, and video equipment in the studio is very flexible. Usually, the setup requirements for technical rooms are not as complete as those in theaters.

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