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Vangaa light 230w moving head beam lamp parameters and operating instructions maintenance

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Vangaa light 230W moving head beam light is a perfect combination of excellent humanization and industrial design, beautiful and smooth in appearance. The lamp body is designed with aluminum alloy and high temperature resistant engineering plastics, which has a good heat dissipation effect; the transmission mechanism adopts electronic positioning technology. The product fully complies with CE standards and adopts international standard DMX512 signal control. It is widely used in performance stage lighting, banquet hall lighting, bar nightclub lighting and other indoor venues and outdoor performances.

The 230W moving head beam light weighs only 17 kg, is light, and can emit a parallel beam, similar to a laser beam, which is an incredible output. With groundbreaking white light purity, it provides 14 different colors and 17 patterns, allowing you to quickly change the beam shape, showing a spectacular mid-air effect. The power is small, closely following the fashion design, but the function is more powerful, the brightness is higher, and it can be easily installed anywhere-in various mobile stages, TV events, exhibition halls or meeting rooms.

230w moving head beam light

230w moving head beam light

The connection between the lamp and the controller and between the lamp and the lamp must use a two-core shielded wire with a diameter of not less than 0.5 mm. It must be noted that the 3-core of the XLR plug/seat cannot be in contact with the inner shell and the core and the core cannot be in contact during the connection.

Use the XLR-XLR control cable to connect the DMX output port of the controller to the DMX input port of the first slave, and connect the DMX output port of the first slave to the DMX input port of the second slave, and so on By analogy, until all the slaves are connected, and then plug the loop into the signal output port of the latter lamp to complete the controller mode connection. : This control display board menu is specially designed for various types of scanners, equipped with multiple function control methods, and the control is simple. For the actions that some models of scanners do not have, the corresponding menu option settings are invalid.

Parameters of 230W moving head beam light:

Model number: VG-MH230A

Light source: 230W 7R bulb

Power supply voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

Rated power: 450W

Light source life: 50000 hours

Color wheel: 14 colors + white light

Pattern plate: 17 fixed patterns, with pattern rotation function

Control panel: LCD liquid crystal display + four buttons

Channel mode: 16CH

Prism: 1 16 prism

Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming

Strobe: 0~10 times/sec

Protection level: IP20

Accessories: suspension bridge, light hook, safety rope, power cord, signal line

Net weight/Gross weight: 17KG

Lamp body size: 364*410*520MM

Moving head beam light effect

Moving head beam light effect

Lamp maintenance:

When the lens is broken or damaged, it should be replaced in time. When the bulb is deformed or damaged, it should be replaced immediately. When the brightness of the light drops significantly, the bulb may have reached the expiration date and should be replaced in time. The aging bulb may burst. When the lamp cannot be started, please check whether the power fuse of the lamp is blown. If it is blown, install the corresponding fuse 5X20 T10A/250V. The lamp is equipped with an overheating protection device. The protection device will automatically cut off the power when it is overheated. When this happens, please check whether the fan is running normally and whether the fan and fan net are blocked by dust. Find out the fault and repair it before starting the lamp. But it should be noted that only qualified technicians can carry out maintenance work.

Lamp cleaning:

In order to ensure the reliable use of the lamps, it is very necessary to keep the lamps clean. The cooling fan should be cleaned every 15 days. The cleaning of internal and external optical lenses, mirrors, and coated color filters must be performed periodically to optimize light output. Do not use any solvents containing chemical components to clean the coated color filters.

The cleaning frequency depends on the operating frequency of the lamp and the surrounding environment. When cleaning, use a soft cloth and general glass cleaning products to clean. It is recommended to clean the external optical system at least once every 20 days, and clean the internal optical system at least once every 30/60 days. Do not wipe the lamp housing with organic solvents such as alcohol to avoid damage.

Vangaa light 230 moving head beam light above parameters and operating instructions are maintained. 13 years of industry experience, focusing on stage, film and television conference lighting, giving free technical guidance on light bitmaps, system diagrams, renderings, lighting configuration, appointment installation, commissioning, and training qualifications, four major systems, CE, ROHS, and inspection reports. We uphold the behavioral philosophy of continuous improvement, attitude, and teamwork, and respect every penny and trust of our customers.

The company's main product series are: LED video light series, LED conference light series, stage light series and related supporting products. Widely used in: TV stations, government units, business units, public security systems, schools, hotels and other places, and have been praised by users. Consulting Hotline: +86 159 4961 0761

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