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VanGaa Lighting 2019 September Procurement Festival Launch Conference

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On August 13, 2019, the launching ceremony of the September Purchasing Festival held by Guangzhou VanGaa Lighting officially came to an end. In the whole day filled with tension and joy , all members of VanGaa Lighting received a Spiritual baptism from the inside out. We all has a clear direction for the next procurement section and future work.

The start-up will be divided into two parts. The first part is shared learning. The invited teachers are all experienced foreign trade person. Their shared content is from sales mentality, procurement preparation, supplier in the eyes of customers, common problems and solutions during negotiation, the method of follow-up skills at various stages, the operation of the platform operation, the daily work of the business personnel and the re-recognition of themselves, and the multi-dimensional and deep-level sharing, benefit everyone.


The second part of the start-up meeting is the internal activities of the company. The “Zhen” staff celebrates, bonus payment to the new employee who had the first order, Experience sharing from business supervisors , and a series of activities are the embodiment of the company culture. The so-called: “One person can go Well, a group of people can go further.” In the corporate culture of VanGaa, we always cherish the employees’ efforts and promptly motivate them. Finally, we made the target of the procurement festival. It is also the key moment for this kick-off meeting. With the experience of the March New Trade Festival, everyone made their own goal is unambiguous , finally, after repeated setting, “Working hard for 30 days, taking a million has become our common wish”!

Now, the start-up meeting has ended, but the war has really started. For the realization of the common goal, all the employees of VanGaa will go all out!


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