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The stage lighting design of the conference room is so simple that 90% of people understand it.

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We need to ensure that the entire conference room has enough lighting, and at the same time, ensure that the entire conference room has even lighting to avoid flickering and dimming. Many customers often encounter the lighting that is bright enough to the naked eye when upgrading the conference room stage. However, the actual shooting and uploading of the video picture is dark, and the face of the person is yellowish, which does not achieve the expected clear effect. In fact, the stage lighting design of the conference room is very simple, not as difficult as imagined.

First of all, the stage lighting design of the meeting room should choose a dedicated LED meeting light. Basic parameter requirements: color rendering index greater than or equal to 90 or more; illuminance as high as 800lux or more; color temperature 3000-6000K; anti-glare, no stroboscopic. Vangaa photoelectric meeting room stage LED conference light display index ≥ 92, high color reproduction; color temperature 3200K, 5600K, adjustable temperature (3200K-5600K) optional; completely silent, no glare, no drawing; safe and stable performance.

LED tricolor lights for meeting room lighting

Conference room stage lighting special LED meeting light

The stage lighting design of the conference room is mainly to arrange the front light, side light, top light and back light for the rostrum leader seat. The face light is in front of the rostrum to light the leader’s face from above, giving the leaders a frontal illuminance to make their faces clear; the side light is to light the rostrum from both sides to enhance the three-dimensional outline of the rostrum; the top light is in the leadership seat Directly above, lighting downwards, so that the area has enough illuminance; while the backlight is to play the round corridor light from behind the leader seat, so that the picture has a three-dimensional sense of space.

Multifunctional meeting room stage lighting effect

Conference room stage lighting design

The surface light is equipped with an electric flip LED conference light or a manual flip LED conference light, the angle can be flipped from 0 to 60 degrees, and the stage light directly; the side light can be equipped with LED flat soft light or LED spotlight; the top light can be embedded LED The meeting lights are directly embedded in the ceiling. If the ceiling is suspended, you can use hanging LED meeting lights; you can use LED spotlights for backlighting, and use the lamps according to the actual situation. For details, please contact online customer service or service hotline 159 4961 0761

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