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The purchasing skills of VanGaa studio lights

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The purchasing skills of VanGaa studio lights

VanGaa studio lighting purchasing skills


First of all, we should know what the core value of LED lamps is. The main advantages of LED lamps are power saving, long life, rich color and fashion.

 led lamp

1、 Cost. From the perspective of cost, the price of LED lamps is about 3-10 times that of traditional lamps. If the power consumption time is more than 6 hours a day, it is cost-effective to use LED lamps. It is estimated that the cost of buying lamps can be saved in about one year; if it takes 2-3 hours a day, the electricity cost can not be saved.


2、 Value. Of course, people are not all activities in their life for money. It is also a life attitude to pursue fashion and accept new things.


3、 Quality. After you're sure you want to buy LED lights, you'll have to see what quality of LED lights you need.


4、 After sales service. Before purchasing, you should know to the agent how long the warranty period of LED manufacturers is for the products. Some poor products only guarantee for one year. That is almost the life of traditional energy saving lamps. The price is still expensive, so it is not worth the price.


5、 In addition, the selection of product functions, such as LED ceiling lamp (also called LED spotlight) and led gshan lamp are concentrated products, mainly used to highlight local lighting, according to the requirements of light efficiency, lenses with different angles of 5, 15, 30 and 60 degrees can be customized; LED downlights are products of floodlight source, mainly lighting as the main function; LED light belt is mainly auxiliary light effect. Compared with ordinary T5 lamp tube, its advantages can be used in arc-shaped places, such as ceiling, in addition to saving power.


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