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Studio track installation standards

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Studio track installation standards

            There will be different installation methods according to the size and requirements of the studio. Here are some common installation methods for studio lighting systems.



 1. Rail installation method

         The most commonly used installation method in the studio is to use track installation, which is also a very flexible lighting installation method. The lamps can be moved forward and backward, left and right freely, which is convenient for adjusting the light. Usually two or four fixed rails and 5 sliding rails are used for installation. This installation method allows the lamp to move horizontally and vertically, plus constant hinges to achieve the effect of horizontal, vertical, horizontal and vertical movement. This kind of installation can use electric and manual two ways.


 Rail installation method

Rail installation method




 The required engineering accessories include square tube fixing bracket, fixed bracket extension tube, track pressing plate, I-shaped aluminum alloy track, track baffle, universal device, lamp pulley, cable pulley, constant hinge, and light plate. The track is divided into fixed track and sliding track. Usually the track is about 3 to 4 meters long. The fixed track is not movable. The sliding track is linked to the fixed track by a universal device and can be moved; the track link plate is used to connect two fixed tracks. Rails, when the fixed rail is not long enough, the two rails are spliced into a fixed rail with a rail connecting plate. It should be noted that the sliding rail usually does not use splicing.



 2. Installation method of grape rack

            Use a square steel tube to make a 40X40 grid and hang it with a lamp hook. This way, it can also move horizontally, horizontally and vertically. It looks beautiful and modifies the top of the room. The lamps can only be moved in a small area.



 Grape rack installation method

Grape rack installation method

 The required engineering accessories are 40X40 square tubes, which are used to manufacture grape frame aluminum alloy lamp hook (with wire), aluminum alloy lamp hook (with column), constant force hinge, and light plate.



 3. Fixed installation method

 Use expansion screws to directly fix the lamp on the top of the wall, low cost, simple installation, and the lamp cannot be moved. The required engineering accessories are lamp bracket, constant force hinge, and light plate.


 4. Tripod installation method

 Used for surface light and side light, it is flexible to move and can be used for micro film shooting. The required engineering accessories are tripod and light plate.


5. Constant force hinge installation method


 It is used when the room has a high floor height and is used for surface light and side light. The engineering accessory required is a constant force hinge.


Constant force hinge installation method


Constant force hinge installation method



 The above are the most common installation methods, which can be selected according to the site conditions and user needs, and they can also be used in conjunction with each other. Among them, the track installation method is relatively more complicated and more demanding, but the adjustment of the lamps is more flexible, and it is also more convenient to modify the lighting in the later stage. If you have any questions about the installation of the studio lighting system, you can call our official 24-hour free phone: 0086 138 2512 8583.

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