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Six advantages of domestic LED lighting technology

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Six advantages of domestic LED lighting technology

Six advantages of domestic LED technology


As we all know, as a green industry, LED lighting industry has many advantages, such as environmental protection, health, energy saving, etc. but looking at the future, domestic led only accounts for about 15% of the lighting market share, which is far away from 30% to 50% in developed countries. In the future, the LED industry will further enhance the degree of industrial agglomeration, and the advantage resources will be close to the advantage enterprises. How to make the LED industry develop and grow? New technologies are working secretly to lead the LED industry to a new future.

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First, chip and packaging are developing rapidly. Light efficiency is improving, flip chip, high voltage chip, cob, EMC, CSP packaging technology are developing. All domestic and foreign device products begin to assemble light source module products, especially IC integration products, system integration, modularization and so on. Cob devices below 30W are still the mainstream products in the market, and they may grow significantly in the future.


Second, despite the sound of CSP research and development and flip chip gold free packaging from device manufacturers in the past two years, it has finally become popular this year. Direct backlight, TV display products have CSP products. For example, CSP packaging products imitate cob form, multiple small devices are combined in series, and can be assembled infinitely according to the application size. In addition, the market performance of phosphor products related to high display index is outstanding this year.


Thirdly, high-power industrial and mining lamps and floodlights made of EMC device products imitating integrated packaging mode are gradually popular. With the development of automobile lighting module, the market is stable and needs to be expanded. For example, automobile headlamp and steering lamp are a very attractive market cake.


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