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LED conference room lighting prices in 2021

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LED conference room lighting prices in 2021

At present, the price of LED conference room lighting on the market is quite different, various and uneven. I'm dizzy. Maybe many people still don't know enough about led conference lights and don't know how to choose them. In fact, it's not difficult. It depends on your own needs. For example, many state-owned enterprise meeting rooms, government organization meeting rooms, University meeting rooms and so on have obvious requirements for LED lamps, such as long service life, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, no radiation, and meeting room design. Xiaoli learned that LED conference lights range from hundreds to thousands of yuan. Why is the price gap so big?


The first is to distinguish lamps of different prices from high transmittance. A good led conference lamp has high luminous efficiency, stable light decay, and perfect light color. Second, it has a long service life. The gap between power supply and lamp bead may lead to the LED light source can only be used for half a year. After that, either the light declines or the power supply is blind, it can't be on. Third, with advanced heat dissipation technology, generally poor appearance of LED lamps is rough and simple, and there is not enough heat dissipation function. Poor heat dissipation directly leads to the price difference of lamps. The new LED meeting room lamp meets the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, uniform light color, high transmittance, patent heat dissipation and long service life. It is not only cost-effective, but also very beautiful.

 conference room

Lighting design effect of electric flipped led conference room in conference room

 Embedded electric flip led conference light

Embedded electric flip led conference light


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