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How to recognize LED lights and tri-color lights, don't confuse them!

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How to recognize LED lights and tri-color lights, don't confuse them!

There are similarities between LED lights and tri-color lights, but there are also big differences. There may also be terms such as LED tri-color light, LED tri-color soft light, tri-primary cold light, tri-primary fluorescent lamp, etc. Do you think it is very confusing? How to distinguish between LED lights and tri-color lights?

1. Distinguish LED lights and tri-color lights from the light source

The tri-primary color lamp Gu Mingsiyi is a lamp made by mixing three primary colors of red, green, and blue phosphors. The LED lamp is a light-emitting diode made of semiconductor materials to directly convert electrical energy into light. It is a light-emitting device that converts electrical signals into light signals. It has high brightness, low power consumption, bright colors, soft light, anti-vibration, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, and it is a cold light source and a typical green light source. Compared with traditional thermal light sources, LED lamps and tri-color lamps have the characteristics of long life, low temperature, low power, and accurate color temperature.

2. Distinguish LED lights and tri-color lights from lamps

Tri-color lamps are also called tri-color fluorescent lamps, tri-color cold light lamps, suitable for studios, lecture halls, TV stations, conference rooms and other places. They are generally divided into: hanging type and built-in type; the number of tubes can be divided into: 2 tubes, 4-tube and 6-tube, due to non-reusable materials, will easily pollute the environment. LED lights are abbreviated as LED, LED lights and tri-color lights are completely different lamps. LED can directly emit light of different colors, the lamp beads are environmentally friendly, and there is no mercury harmful substance.

LED and tri-color lights

LED and tri-color lights

Pendant LED tricolor light

Pendant LED tricolor light

It is precisely because of the rapid development of LED technology, coupled with energy conservation and environmental protection, and the country's strong push, that LED has become widely used in the field of lighting, so the term "LED tri-color light" appears. In fact, this is also the customary name. At present, "LED three-color lights" mainly include: embedded LED three-color conference lights, hanging LED video flat-panel soft lights. LED three-color conference light is suitable for meeting room lighting; LED film and television flat soft light is suitable for studios, multi-functional halls, theater auditoriums and other places.

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