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How to choose indoor LED lamps?

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How to choose indoor LED lamps?

Users choose interior lighting products for two purposes: large area "basic lighting" and small area "key lighting". There are different requirements when choosing light sources or lamps for different purposes.

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Generally speaking, the indoor basic lighting is Omni light source, as long as it reaches a certain brightness and the human eye feels comfortable. The light source used can't produce glare (strong light contrast or too much reflected light), so the LED light source should be selected properly. It's better to choose the LED downlight and tube with PC cover or sand cover, or the LED lamp with PC cover for direct lighting. The power (wattage) of the light source should not be too large. At the same time, according to people's habits, the LED light source with color temperature below 6000K should be selected.


Compared with the special lighting in key indoor areas, the selection of LED light source is particular. At present, LED spotlight is mainly used as focused light source. For example, the display of clothing, gold jewelry, jewelry, platinum jewelry and other products, as well as dishes, industrial special lighting and so on need to be carefully designed. Four points should be paid attention to when purchasing: color temperature, color rendering index, light angle, power (illumination and brightness) of LED light source. Take gold jewelry as an example, the color temperature of LED light source should not be higher than 3200K (warm color), the display index should not be lower than 80, the beam angle should not be too large (too large becomes floodlight), and the power should not be too small. However, if it is used in platinum jewelry, the color temperature of LED light source should not be lower than 6000K, and the color rendering index should not be lower than 75. Obviously, the choice of light source should be careful for different lighting purposes.


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