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How many lights are generally used in the lighting configuration of a small TV station?

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How many lights are generally used in the lighting configuration of a small TV station? Many contractors do not know how many lamps they use, it is difficult to give a budget, and do not know how to control the cost. The small studios of local county-level TV stations are generally used to produce news columns, report real-time events, activate culture, promote righteousness, and correct public opinion orientation. As the local small TV stations have low advertising revenue and lack of economic strength, they should avoid the waste caused by the use of more lamps while satisfying the lighting effects as much as possible.

First, 2 countertop lights, 2 top lights, and 2 backlights can use LED panel soft light, LED chip lamp bead array, large area light emission, patented heat dissipation, high light transmittance, high light efficiency, high brightness; high color rendering index , The light and color are consistent, the color reproduction of the image is high, which can meet the high-definition shooting, which greatly reduces the use of lamps. The side light can use 2 sets of LED film and television spotlights, with large beam angle, abundant light intensity, and uniform color spots, which can record or photograph the stage characters more clearly, softer and more three-dimensional. The basic configuration of these lamps can meet the lighting effects of high-definition shooting in the studio of a small TV station.

LED film spotlight    LED panel soft light                                                                                  

LED panel soft light LED film and television spotlight

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