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How large is the illuminance of the LED conference light to meet the lighting requirements of the HD video conference room

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The illuminance of the LED conference light is a basic requirement of the lighting design of the video conference room. If there is not enough illuminance, the picture will be dark, the characters can not be seen, etc., and the sense of presence of the entire conference room will be particularly poor. In order to meet the color reproduction effect of high-definition video cameras, how much illuminance can the LED conference light meet the lighting requirements of the video conference room? In the main area with a ceiling height of about 4 meters, 150W LED cold-source meeting lights with high brightness, high luminous efficiency, no flicker, and full silence should be used. Large meeting rooms with a height of more than 5 meters should be able to use 200W LED spotlights.

Illumination of LED meeting lights in video conference room

Illumination effect display of LED meeting lights in video conference room

The illuminance of 150WLED conference light is about 800lux (about 3 meters distance), using high-brightness SMD lamp beads, large-area matrix arrangement, natural heat dissipation through the all-aluminum shell, ultra-quiet and other characteristics. Color temperature 3000-6000K, color rendering index> 92, meeting the illumination requirements of video conference rooms, while also meeting the requirements of video high-definition photography recording, photo image collection and transmission, widely used in video conference rooms, multi-function hall conference rooms, multimedia conference rooms, Lecture hall...

LED tricolor lights for meeting room lighting

LED meeting lights

The illuminance of the LED meeting light will gradually decrease with the distance, so when choosing the meeting room lighting, first look at how high the ceiling of the meeting room is, and choose the lighting that achieves the brightness effect. The illuminance contrast between the 150-watt LED meeting lamp and the traditional three-primary cold light lamp is significantly higher. It is now a must-chosen meeting room lamp for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Vangaa focuses on high-definition video conference room lighting equipment, the main series are: LED conference light series, LED three-color soft light series, LED spotlight series, LED par light series, LED imaging light series, LED sky curtain light series.

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