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First draft of industrial design for wall washer from VanGaa

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2020 is coming. VanGaa is also becoming more and more prosperous on the road of brand promotion and self-development. In the past 2019, VanGaa’s stable product system, professional services, continuous research and development capabilities and new product releases have made more and more People are familiar with VanGaa’s brandnew products such as color panel 1440G, swift series high-power moving head lights, mature products such as LED fresnel spotlight seriesLED profile spotlight seriesLED panel light seriesLED cyclorama light series and other products. High-quality products, honest service both given customers an excellent use experience, and also accumulated rich customer resources and market feedback for VanGaa. In 2020, in order to widen the product system and promote new products that better meet market needs, our company a new wall washer has been designed based on the product architecture, and it will be finally presented on the production line. During this period, friends and customers are welcome to provide suggestions. Your friendly help will make our products more and more perfect. We will also be very grateful for this . If your suggestions are adopted, we will have a special surprise to offer after the new product leaves the factory. Please stay tuned for details.

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