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Do you know that the video conference room lighting saves more than 50% of the budget?

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Nowadays, many video conference room lighting needs to be newly built and reconstructed, and customers do not know much about the lighting part. Don’t know how to choose the lighting configuration, don’t know how to design, don’t know how to save the budget? In fact, the video conference room lighting is widely used in meetings, reports, speeches, press releases, etc., and there is no need to configure stage effect lighting, so it is relatively simple.

Choose factory-sold lamps

Some video conference room lighting manufacturers claim that they can offer discounts such as free lighting design solutions, free on-site surveys, and free training. In fact, the so-called free are established on a paid basis, so they will increase the price of the lighting by 50%. price. Therefore, customers who need to configure the lighting of the video conference room can directly purchase the factory-sold lamps and design their own plans and install and debug.

Vangaa lighting video conference room lighting manufacturer

Vangaa lighting video conference room lighting manufacturer

Is it difficult to design video conference room lighting?

The lighting design of the video conference room is not as difficult as imagined, and it does not need to spend most of the funds on the design. Common lighting design is mainly to arrange surface light and top light for the rostrum.

1. Surface light: The chair surface light of the meeting room is irradiated from above the person's face to the face of the person, eliminating the shadow of the person's face. The surface light should be separately lit. Dimmable and adjustable-angle LED meeting lights can be used as appropriate Real-time adjustments to ensure appropriate light to the leaders;

2. Top light: The ceiling of the conference room's rostrum is 3~4 meters, you can choose the embedded LED conference light as the top light. If the area of the meeting room is relatively large, you need to configure several rows of ceiling lights, which are installed directly above the stage, Lighting down, so that the entire stage has enough illumination;

3. At the same time, the video conference room has certain requirements for the lighting, color temperature, and color rendering index. First of all, we must consider the standard of high-definition shooting illuminance. The rostrum is the focus of shooting. The illuminance is recommended to be above 800lux; the color temperature is 3000K-6000k; the color rendering index Ra≥90, high color reproduction, so that the recorded video images are truly high-definition.

Lighting project case of the video conference room of Xinjiang Wujiaqu Municipal Government

Lighting project case of the video conference room of Xinjiang Wujiaqu Municipal Government

Is it difficult to install and debug the video conference room lighting?

The installation and debugging of the lighting in the video conference room is very simple. The first step is to make a hole in the ceiling, the second step is to fix the outer frame with vertical hanging ribs, and the third step is to install the lamp body. Therefore, customers can solve it by themselves, saving on-site installation and commissioning costs.

Video conference room lighting installation diagram (2)

Video conference room lighting installation diagram

Vangaa lighting focuses on video conference room lighting equipment, 14 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. 9 reasons to choose Vangaa lighting:

Imported LED light source

Philips, Osram, CREE, EDISON, imported LED light source quality is more guaranteed

High color reproduction

Color rendering index ≥92, the picture color reproduction is true and clear, meeting high-definition shooting

Accurate color temperature

Color temperature 3000K-6000K, light and color consistency, to avoid the phenomenon of blue and red shooting pictures

high brightness

Tested by measuring tools: integrating sphere and illuminance meter, the brightness of the same power is increased by more than 30% compared with traditional light sources

No flicker

No stroboscopic, no pull lines, no blue light hazard, to avoid the up and down fluctuations of the picture ripples, to avoid visual glare and fatigue

China Mobile Video Conference Room Lighting Project Case

China Mobile Video Conference Room Lighting Project Case

Stable performance

The factory has undergone multiple inspections, including more than 20 tests such as long-term aging test, line inspection, temperature rise, corrosion resistance, noise, etc.

Quality Assurance

The supporting manufacturers of imported light sources, power supplies and chassis have passed ISO9001 system certification, and all raw materials have reached the corresponding industry standards.

Complete qualifications

National system certification, patent certification, CE, ROHS, test report, can be used for bidding.

Service Guarantee

More than ten years of experience engineers, one-to-one technical installation guidance, can make appointments for on-site installation, commissioning, and training

Products and services have been tested and approved by Sinopec, China Mobile, China Unicom, Communication University of Beijing, Shantou University, dozens of public security systems, government agencies and other conference room lighting projects. Consulting Hotline: +86 159 4961 0761

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