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Choice of 300W LED Fresnel light for Auditorium Theater

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Choice of 300W LED Fresnel light for Auditorium Theater

             In today's rapid development of radio and television technology, we should not only consider that it is used well today, but also that it can be used in the next few years or even more than a decade. Fortunately, we have now caught up with a major breakthrough and transformation in lighting technology-the rapid development of LED lamps. It is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has less infrared heat radiation, is more durable, and has a tendency to replace conventional lamps with nickel-tungsten filaments. There are many advantages. But many large-scale studios need to use studio light above 300W, but studios in many places would rather use 200W more. Why? It is generally believed that the technical indicators of 300W LED Fesnel Light are not satisfactory.

300W LED Spotlight for Auditorium Theater

In response to the above doubts, Guangzhou Vangaa specially developed and produced 300W LED Fresnel light to meet the needs of different occasions and different groups of people. For example, a certain municipal government conference room made by Vangaa Optoelectronics has an area of about 500 square meters, but the ceiling is very high. 200W can not meet the needs of surface lighting, so it can only use 300W. The 300W LED Fresnel light of Vangaa Optoelectronics has a test distance of 20 meters and a large luminous flux of 8600lm. It can fully meet the requirements of long-distance surface light, and it is also electronically zoomed. A console can handle it all. It is really the gospel of long-distance surface light.

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