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An all-rounder LED digital zoom spotlight

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An all-rounder LED digital zoom spotlight

ED digital zoom spotlight or LED threaded lens spotlight, LED video spotlight. The light source adopts 150W/200W/300W COB LED, which is a versatile all-rounder. Its performance in brightness, color temperature and color rendering index is almost as beautiful as ordinary incandescent lamps. Digitization can control spotlight zoom, 0-100% linear dimming, and color temperature conversion from 3000K to 6000K through signals. The operation is very convenient.

The LED digital zoom spotlight has thin lens thickness, light weight, and good light transmission. On the one hand, it can condense the light, and on the other hand, it can illuminate the light uniformly, without obvious spots, soft light, and no stray light on the boundary. Regardless of the surface light, side light or backlight position of the performance venue, you can choose the application according to your needs. It is definitely an all-rounder. It is an indispensable lighting fixture in the multi-function hall lighting, theater auditorium lighting, large, medium and small studio lighting, and conference lighting.

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LED digital zoom spotlight

The LED digital zoom spotlight plays an extremely important role in stage lighting. It is not only reflected in its good light quality, but also can be used for multiple purposes. The light belongs to the LED cold light source, which can hardly feel the heat, is safe and non-radiation, energy-saving and environmentally friendly; one lamp multi-purpose reduces the variety of lamps and lanterns, reduces the amount of lamps used, and the illuminance, color temperature and color rendering index of the light are also stable and consistent. , Greatly increasing the effect of stage lighting.

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