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A brief discussion on the common classification of bars

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Modern people like colorful entertainment. As part of the city’s nightlife, clubbing has become a good place for people to gather and relax. The rise of various themes and bars of various styles let people’s curiosity. What are the categories of bars? How do operators manage their own style of bar? Now Xiao Bian Here tell something for you.


Common bar categories are: Performing Bar, Slow Shake Bar, Theme Bar, Taste Bar, Workshop Bar.


First, the performing bar

The performing bar, a bar known for its performances in dance, music, drama, and essays, attracts customers with its rich body and sound art, and needs to cater to the taste of the audience in the performance form. Fashion men and women like fast-paced music. And the younger dance, the operators need to be familiar with the arrangement of the performing arts team, and flexibly change the form of the program to give people a bright pleasure. This expenditure accounts for most of the bar’s operating expenses. It is more challenging for the operator to control the market and deal with unexpected problems.


Second, slow shake bar

Although the bar in this category features slow-shake music as a bar, its decor is extremely luxurious. Slowly rocking music has soothing beats that create a lazy and relaxed scene. These bars are very special, but they are also short-lived and can only harvest a solid part of the crowd. The slow shake bar has high requirements for the sound reproduction of music, and has high requirements for audio equipment. The music is resistant to hearing, giving the customer an impulse to get up and swing at any time. This kind of bar requires the operator to have experience in slow-moving music, and has a certain understanding of the dance scene. Dare to pay for interior decoration, and a relatively ethereal architectural language with similar music styles, it can be seen that it is very difficult to operate a slow-swing bar.


Third, the theme bar

That is to say, the bar with its own unique theme and the keynote reflects the unique creativity. The sense of hunting is the first element to attract customers. The theme means the decoration style, music form, service content, one or more. form. For example, futuristic bars, rock bars, movie bars, bike-themed bars, and more. Operators are required to have bold and forward-thinking ideas on a topic they are familiar with, and have been determined by market research to have a part of the theme enthusiasts. This type of bar is in the form of discussion, followed by drinks. The bar has a tendency to be salonized, and the long-lasting appeal to customers is the difficulty and focus of the operators.


Fourth, taste the bar

Club-style bars are more innovative and serve more of a social class, such as media, business people, writers, and so on. This social group is required to have similar aspects in certain aspects, such as occupation, human quality, wealth and other factors. This type of bar is a clubhouse, not just for party drinking, but also for fundraising, business negotiations and other forms of activity. The operator is required to be the leader of a certain industry field. This type of bar interior decoration generally reflects its social attributes, and has an intellectual beauty or a luxurious rich state in style. Its business content is not about wine sales, but a place to maintain stable communication in the industry.


Five, workshop bar


The scale of the workshop bar is relatively small. The number of dresses for service personnel is not much, and it has a leisurely meaning. Our common “clear bar” is one of them. There are not many guests, and there is rarely a full state. The guests who come to the store come to a leisurely and elegant mindset to consume, the profit point is lower, and they rely more on the patrons. As the operator has less requirements, the focus is on the control of the atmosphere of the place. There are many fresh styles in the interior decoration. The younger people are the main body of the customer. There are few noisy people, and the customers are quietly discussing. Its scale is less expanded, self-sufficient and self-sufficient.


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