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3 major requirements of campus radio and television studio lighting design plan

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With the development of Internet information technology, the lighting design of campus radio and television studios needs to meet the needs of multimedia video classroom teaching production, film and television program recording, news interviews, special reports and other programs. The lighting design scheme of the campus radio and television studio does not actually need to be equipped with many very complicated lamps. As long as the three requirements of light source, parameters, and lighting can basically meet the production and recording of film and television programs.

Requirement 1: The choice of light source for studio lamps

The best light source in the studio lighting design of campus radio and television stations should be artificial light sources and avoid natural light sources. Because of the controllability of artificial light sources, in principle, only one light source can be used. Common artificial light sources include tri-primary color light sources and LED light sources. Due to the many defects of tri-primary light sources, they are now studio lamps that use LED light sources. LEDs are cold light sources, low energy consumption, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection. Avoid using traditional light sources (hot light sources). ), large power consumption, heat generation, inconvenient use and other defects.

Requirement 2: Parameters of studio lamps

Under normal circumstances, campus radio and television studios must not only use good-quality cameras, but also have certain basic requirements for the parameters of the studio lamps. The illuminance is not less than 800lux, which meets the overall brightness of the studio; the color temperature is 3000K to 6000K, and the color temperature of the studio is mostly 5600K, and the pictures taken are high-definition. Color rendering index ≥90Ra, the picture color reproduction is true.

Requirement 3: The method of studio lighting The method of campus radio and television studio lighting design is particularly important.

Surface light: Generally, the appropriate projection angle is ≤45°, avoid flat light on the front. Is the host’s face evenly illuminated and delicate;

Background light: brighten the entire background to make the picture look clearer; separate the host from the background and emphasize the image of the host;

Contour light makes the outline of the host obvious and prominent, and improves the overall picture effect of the character image;

Top light: increase the texture of the host’s hair and supplement the light source on the shoulders;

Side light: Soften dead corners and shadows that are not illuminated by the main light, and soften the shadow of the host's neck.

In the studio lighting design of campus radio and television stations, sometimes film and television programs are created. For the authenticity and liveliness of the programs, the performers will have a certain activity area. Therefore, they cannot be fixed-point lighting, but must be regional lighting. Vangaa Optoelectronics focuses on the studio lighting equipment of broadcast and television stations. The main series are: LED film and television spotlight series, LED tri-color soft light series, consultation hotline: 159 4961 0761

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