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What kind of lamps and lanterns are commonly used in multifunctional lecture hall

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What kind of lamps and lanterns are commonly used in multifunctional lecture hall

The multi-functional lecture hall is generally used for reporting, news release, holding conference, industry discussion, performance and speech, multimedia teaching and training, entertainment, movie playing and other activities. Because the area of the multi-functional lecture hall is large or small, but if the performance is added, it is generally large. In order for people at each position to be able to watch clearly, the multi-functional lecture hall lamps and lanterns are needed. The power of civil LED lamps is small, which can not meet the lighting demand of multi-functional lecture hall.


New LED film spotlight


  1. Strong light efficiency: the light efficiency is more than 2 times of that of ordinary lighting lamps, with large light speed angle, uniform color spot and no flash frequency. The stage characters can be recorded or photographed more clearly, softer and stereoscopic.

  2. Light safety and no radiation: good light quality, no strong radiation such as ultraviolet and infrared, is a typical green lighting source.

  3. Long life of light source: high quality raw materials, circuits and aluminum of the first-line brands in the industry guarantee a longer service life from the source.

  4. Low power consumption: innovative light-emitting technology and high-quality LED lamp beads make it save more than 15% power consumption compared with peers in the same brightness state.

  5. Low temperature: patented heat dissipation, automatic temperature control within a certain range, good heat sink mute effect, stable and quiet environment for multi-function lecture hall.


Project case of LED film and television spotlight (300W) for medium and large business conference room in Dinghu New District, Zhaoqin


LED fresnel light

VanGaa LED fresnel spotlight

In the 1500 person conference room of the business center of the New District, the projection distance of the 300 Watt led film and television spotlight is as long as 25 meters, which is very suitable for surface lighting in this large multi-functional lecture hall.


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