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What is the difference between the color and color temperature of studio and stage lights

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What is the difference between the color and color temperature of studio and stage lights

Today, VanGaa Lighting will get you to know the difference between the color and color temperature of studio and stage lights.


Color requirements


The performance of light art can also be combined by the color changer of conventional lamp or the color wheel transformation combination of computer lamp to describe nature and render emotion by changing the color of light, or the function of red and green, gorgeous, or light red, light green, warm and elegant.

 Color requirements

For stage lighting, the use of color can be free and bold, free from restraint. As long as it meets the needs of the plot, as long as the technical conditions can be met, as long as the audience's eyes can accept, what kind of color can be used. For studio lighting, the color should be light and not strong. The color of different colors presented on TV through camera will deeper. Therefore, the color used by studio lighting shall be adjusted according to the color effect displayed on the monitor after recording. If the color of studio lights is configured according to the experience of stage lighting, many deep colors will be "pasted" into a piece after being photographed by the camera, which can not reflect the details of the scene. Especially, the cold colors like blue and purple series are light blue, but the TV picture after the camera is dark blue. If the dark blue is used in studio lighting according to the experience of stage lighting, the picture presented on TV must be blue. Therefore, for studio lighting, when choosing color, not only the eyes of the scene viewers, but also closely cooperate with the camera to grasp the color degree, so as to make the color of the TV picture comfortable and transparent.


Color temperature requirements


Color temperature is also a category of light color. This paper lists it separately because "color temperature" is indeed a very important concept in studio lighting. Color temperature is the scale of light color of light source, in K (Kelvin). The color temperature is defined according to absolute blackbody. When the color of the light source is the same as that of the black body at a certain temperature, the absolute temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source. With the increase of color temperature, the color transition from blackbody to "red - orange red - yellow - blue" color gradually. The same object will show different colors under the illumination of different color temperature light sources. For example, a white paper, under the irradiation of 3000 K incandescent lamp and 6000 K fluorescent lamp, the color presented by reason is different, the former is warm yellow, the latter is slightly blue. But in fact, the human eye is not sensitive to this difference. People without color knowledge often think that they are white, which is the phenomenon of "conservation of color sense" of human eyes. This adaptability of human eyes makes people observe the color of the scene normally, but can not accurately feel the characteristics of color.


It is because of the inertia of human eyes that it involves the concept of "color temperature" in stage lighting, and does not make too much emphasis. It is mainly based on the human eye vision in the aspect of color involved in light. But in studio lighting, color temperature is a very important concept, which is mainly because the camera is very sensitive to the changes of the external environment color, very "objective". Once the white balance of the camera is determined, the slight color temperature changes of the light will be reflected in the TV picture. In the bad shooting TV picture, the color of the face is not restored, sometimes yellow or sometimes blue, which is often the reason why the color temperature change of the TV light and the white balance of the camera are not adjusted well. Before shooting, there is a fixed workflow for the coordination of studio lighting and camera. First, the lighting workers turn on a basic lighting source (referred to as the basic light source, which is the main light source of stage lighting, generally refers to the surface light, ear light, backlight, etc.) in the performance. The basic light source requires the same color temperature, and is consistent with the basic light source commonly used in the performance, and turn off the miscellaneous light with different color temperature that will not be used in other performances. Then, all cameras in different positions are "dimmed" according to this basic light. "White tone" is a common saying used by TV workers. The so-called "white tone" actually refers to a short term for adjusting white balance. That is, all cameras first define a white according to this basic light source, so that all cameras have a common "white" standard. Different color temperature light or color light will present different visual colors based on "white".


There is a typical example in television. When buying the rear light, we must consider the matching problem with the color temperature of the basic light source or the main light source in the studio. If the basic light source of TV studio is 3200K low color temperature, the rear light is 6000K high color temperature, while the camera adjusts the white balance based on 3200K basic light source, then the color of the rear light projected on the face and displayed on the TV screen will be obviously cold blue. On the contrary, the basic light source with high color temperature must be equipped with high color temperature rear light. If the color temperature of the basic light source in the studio is 6000K, and the rear light is equipped with 3200K light source, after the camera is white with 6000K basic light source, the rear light is projected to the face and the camera will display warm yellow after shooting. The color deviation of TV screen must be obvious and incongruous.


Therefore, when buying the rear light, TV station should first consider the color temperature of the basic light source of its own studio, so that the color temperature of the light tracing lamp and the base light color of the studio is consistent, so as to better restore the skin color. Of course, the light tracing lamp can be equipped with the paper of rising temperature and reducing the temperature of color, but it is possible to have inaccurate and color deviation situation after all. If it can be solved in one step, then it can be better.


The staff who have transformed from the stage lighting design to the studio lighting design often have no understanding of the camera principle and some specific parameters, so many design programs are still perceptual and lack of rational judgment. As a TV lighting designer, it is necessary to learn the knowledge of camera, which is also a lack of stage lighting course in drama academy.


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