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Video conference room lighting design plan

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Video conference room lighting design plan

In the video conference room lighting design, we must ensure that the entire conference room has enough light, and at the same time, ensure that the entire conference room has even lighting to avoid flickering. Many customers often encounter the meeting room lighting when looking at the naked eye when upgrading the video conference room, which feels bright enough, but the actual shooting and uploading video picture is dark, and the face of the person is yellowish, which does not achieve the expected effect. In fact, as long as you pay attention to some video conference room lighting design principles, you can achieve the desired effect!

1. Environmental design of video conference room

The overall refurbishment of the video conference room should have a uniform tone and level, and the overall color should not be too contrasting, but it should be different. The first is to avoid using white on the surrounding walls, floors, and ceilings. White will reflect and dazzle people when shooting people. Therefore, the walls, floors, and ceilings usually adopt lighter colors such as beige and gray. Tables and chairs can be matched in light brown, maple and other tones. If there are windows, avoid natural light sources and use dark curtains to cover them.

2, the lighting design of the video conference room

The video conference room has certain requirements for the lighting, color temperature, and color rendering index. The overall illuminance is about 800lux, and the rostrum illuminance is recommended to be above 800lux; the color temperature is generally 3200K-5600k, and the color temperature is 5600K for high-definition shooting; Color index Ra≥92, high color reproduction, real high-definition pictures. LED three-color conference lights are dedicated to the lighting of video conference rooms, which are in line with the lighting design of video conference rooms.

LED three-color conference light

LED three-color conference light

LED three-color conference light

The ceiling of the video conference room can be directly installed with embedded LED three-color conference lights, which are installed at a distance of 3m-4.5m from the ceiling, and the distance between the lights is between 1.5m-2m. The ceiling area is relatively large, and multiple rows of lamps can be installed. The 150-watt LED tri-color conference light has an illuminance of more than 800lux, high CRI, anti-glare, full silence, and long life, with a light duration of more than 50,000 hours.

Zhejiang Shaoxing Sinopec Video Conference Room Project Case

Zhejiang Shaoxing Sinopec Video Conference Room Project Case

Zhejiang Shaoxing Sinopec Video Conference Room Project Case

If the video conference room is divided into rostrum and audience seats, the main part of the lighting is on the rostrum. The illuminance of the rostrum is required to be above 800lux, and the illuminance of the audience seats is about 800lux. Detailed lighting {design of conference room rostrum lighting}.

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