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How to reduce the cost of small studio lighting system

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How to reduce the cost of small studio lighting system

Many small studios of schools and enterprises are self-sufficient and have no additional profit income. For example, advertising is lacking in economic strength. How to properly reduce the cost of small studio lighting systems while meeting the lighting effects of small studios?

Correctly choose the manufacturer of studio lighting to reduce the cost of lighting system

Choose a powerful studio lighting engineering equipment manufacturer, you can get guaranteed lamps and reasonable prices. It goes without saying that the dealer's price will be one to two times higher than the direct sales price of the factory. The manufacturer guarantees the quality, guarantees the service, guarantees the after-sales, and reduces the cost of breakdown maintenance.

Yichuan TV station small studio lighting system renderings

Correctly choose the light source of studio lamps and reduce the cost of lighting system

Small studio lights generally use tri-color light sources and LED light sources. The traditional tungsten filament lamps have been replaced because of low light efficiency, high heat, and short life. Under the same power, color temperature, CRI, and distance, the illuminance of the LED lamp is equivalent to twice that of the tri-color lamp. At the same time, the LED lamp is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The life span is up to 50,000 hours. Advocate, choose LED light source lamps and lanterns from a long-term perspective to greatly reduce the cost of lighting system operation.


Correctly choose the lamps in the studio to reduce the cost of the lighting system

Small studio lighting requires stable and consistent color temperature, high color rendering index, soft and uniform light without flicker. The use of studio lamps can ensure that the lighting achieves the desired effect, and also greatly reduces the consumption of small studio lamps, and the cost of the lighting system Greatly reduced. Furthermore, studio construction can be completed in small studios, eliminating the huge investment in special height studio construction, and it has great economic value for all small studio builders with insufficient economic strength.

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