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With gratitude, forge ahead-Guangzhou cattle business competition award summary meeting

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After three months of competition for the hegemony of the cattle and businessmen in Guangzhou, the summary and commendation meeting arrived in the blink of an eye. Today is a harvest day in the golden autumn of October. Over the past 90 days, especially under the leadership of the commander-in-chief of Guangzhou Niu Shang Zheng, 22 companies have worked together, love to learn, enjoy sharing, dedication, and grow together, and have achieved great results in online marketing.


At the scene, business entrepreneurs from all over the country, and members of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Niu Chamber of Commerce gathered together. At the same time, the event also invited the commander-in-chief of the Shenzhen Niu Shang Lu, as well as 22 fighters participating in the competition. .

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Since it is a harvest day, what have you gained during the three-month battle for bull business hegemony? The Chief of Staff of Shenzhen Niu Shanglu summarized our journey, from the kick-off meeting to today's awards meeting, companies from different industries supported, learned and grew together. It's not just teamwork and friendship, but also growth.

1. Team spirit

From the start of the outreach training to today's summary awards conference, Niu Shangzheng talks about how a team keeps warm and how to assist in execution! The three armies of Guangzhou Niu Shang are a team, each team is a team, and each company is a team...

In the process of team execution, after long-term learning, running-in, adjustment and innovation, an active, efficient, cooperative and creative group is formed to solve problems and achieve common goals.

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2. Love to learn and grow together

Life is a process of continuous learning. This time, Guangzhou cattle businessmen are ubiquitous to learn. Picking up the skin will allow us to position our website more clearly; the actual online marketing of Dongguan Niushang will enable us to learn more network promotion skills; corporate WeChat marketing will allow us to learn how to maintain customers...

As small as the various companies help each other to visit and work together, each time they have new dry goods harvests, progress in learning, improve their own capabilities, learn from outstanding corporate success stories, and reduce many detours on the road of network marketing. So always keep a learning mindset, or you will be eliminated by the Internet.

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3. Sharing fun and gaining friendship

There is such a saying that the person who does not share is destined to be a lonely person and a loser. During the battle for hegemony of cattle merchants, whether it is the commander-in-chief, corporate bosses, or elites of cattle merchants, they are willing to share and contribute, thus gaining everyone's respect and recognition.

It was a particularly impressive one. Huanhao Finance and us co-worked. He spoke highly of our sharing and was very proud of it. In the sharing and communication, you will find that there are still many deficiencies in yourself, which is also a test of past practice. Love to share, not only establishes a friendly relationship, but also achieves a mutually beneficial and win-win growth.

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The next step is to witness the 4th Guangzhou Bull Business Hegemony Awards, three months of continuous selection, learning, catching up, surpassing, helping, various data and performance assessments, and finally selecting the performance king and the transaction. King, Traffic King, and outstanding individual awards in various theaters. It is a great honor that Vangaa lighting has achieved the team's performance king and traffic king this time!

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After the dinner, men wear suits and ties, and ladies dresses are on stage. Light a candle, thank you for the outstanding company that has been selflessly dedicated to us for three months, the commander-in-chief who silently paid, and the commander of the armed forces who actively cooperated, as well as every soldier behind the company. Vangaa lighting is grateful and forge ahead! Although the battle for hegemony in the cattle business is about to end here, our network marketing is still on the way!

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After that, I would like to thank the commander-in-chief of the cattle business in Guangzhou, the bosses of each enterprise, and the little friends of the cattle businessmen who are striving for hegemony. Not only did I learn a lot in this activity, but also grew a lot! Also gained friendship. The Great Wall has taken the first step, and there is still a lot of work to be improved in the future, and there is still a long way to go. Liming Optoelectronics wishes all enterprises to create better performance in the future network marketing road!

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