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What role does LED par light play in wedding lighting

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What role does LED par light play in wedding lighting

Commonly used lamps in wedding lighting-LED par lights. LED par lights are generally divided into two types, one is full-color, which can change color, that is, the so-called colorful light, which renders the atmosphere of the scene; the other is warm white, which only emits one white light, which is suitable for use as a stage surface light. , Illuminate the stage and characters. Photographers are very mindful of this light, it doesn't work well when it hits the face of a newcomer and changes color. Many photographers will feel more confused, if you want to use this lamp, how to use it? What role does LED par light play in wedding lighting?

If the wedding scene is relatively dark, the LED par light will act as the stage surface light in the wedding lighting. The illuminating beam and the light color are clear, which is especially suitable for big occasions and explosive wedding openings. The use of par lights is mainly to take care of photographers taking pictures, taking care of the wedding scene and the illumination of the newlyweds. When the newcomers enter the venue, with the change of music and the fluctuation of the atmosphere, the focus is on the changes of the light beams on both sides of the T stage. , The effect is very strong, and the effect of the photos taken is also very good. The white LED par light is the best choice for the wedding.


LED Par Light

When the wedding lighting renders the atmosphere, the LED par light acts as a stage dyeing light. Different colors of lamp beads are rich in light colors, and you can choose different colors and different strobe frequencies to create an active and romantic atmosphere at the wedding site. Whether romantic, joyful, touching, or warm, the color change of the LED par light determines the overall wedding environment, and the change of the wedding environment directly affects the emotional changes of the guests at the scene visually and psychologically.

LED par lights are used not only as stage surface lights in wedding lighting, but also as stage dyeing lights. At the same time, pay attention to the precise lighting requirements in the wedding lighting design, rather than blindly pursuing the use of more. "Vangaa" focuses on LED par light series, using high-brightness LED lamp beads, different specifications are waterproof and non-waterproof, warm white and full color.

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