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What problems should be paid attention to when installing and maintaining LED par lights

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Vangaa lighting has produced a batch of LED par lights. In order to ensure the quality of the lamps, the factory has undergone multiple inspections, long-term aging test, line inspection, temperature rise, corrosion resistance, noise and more than 20 tests; the packaging is a two-layer reinforced carton Tailor-made, and the inner layer is added with pearl cotton to make the product transportation safe and secure; after receiving the goods, you can provide one-to-one installation technical guidance at any time, and you can make an appointment to guide the construction and installation, saving the installation process and using Convenience.

LED Par Light Aging Test

LED Par Light Aging Test

LED par light installation and maintenance:

(1) Pay special attention to whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the marked voltage of the host, and ensure that the used voltage is within the voltage range marked by the technical parameters.

(2) Do not connect the power cords of other electrical appliances with the power input and output connector lines of this light, and do not connect the DMX512 signal lines of other electrical appliances with the DMX512 signal input and output connector lines of this light.

(3) Ensure that the lamps are well grounded

(4) When connecting with the DMX512 signal input and output connector of this lamp, no more than 30 lamps should be used. If you want to connect more lamps in series, please use the DMX512 signal amplifier.

(5) When moving or installing and using, pay attention to avoid metal hard objects collide with the lamp body.

(6) Please disconnect the power supply if the lamp will not be used for a long time.

(7) Make sure that the power cord is not crimped or scratched by sharp objects. Check the equipment and power cord frequently. If the external cord of this lamp is damaged, the cord must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a qualified person to avoid danger.

(8) Do not use the lamp during thunder and lightning, and disconnect the power supply. High voltage will damage the lamp.

(9) If the ambient temperature (Ta) exceeds 35°C, please do not use this lamp.

(10) After the lamp works stably, the surface temperature of the lamp is 60℃.

(11) Do not install the lamp on a flammable surface.

(11) The LED needs to be replaced when it is damaged or its life is over.

(12) The LED lens needs to be replaced if it is severely scratched or broken.

(13) Do not look directly at the light source, because sensitive people may cause epilepsy (especially for patients with epilepsy).

(14) No items are allowed to block within 1m of the front of the lamp, and no combustible items (such as cloth, wood, paper, etc.) are allowed within 0.5m of the lamp.

(15) When the lamp is suspended on the ground, it must be verified that it can bear 10 times the weight of the suspended device.

(16) Ensure that the external protection, ropes, and hardware are safe and firm, and then use one or more protective measures to protect them, such as safety ropes.

LED Par Light Manufacturer

LED Par Light Manufacturer

Vangaa lighting LED par light manufacturer, entered stage lighting in 2004, 13 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. Provide free technical guidance for light bitmaps, system diagrams, effect diagrams, lighting configuration, appointments for installation, commissioning, and training qualifications, four major systems, CE, ROHS, and test reports. We uphold the behavioral philosophy of continuous improvement, attitude, and teamwork, and respect every penny and trust of our customers.

The company's main product series are: LED video light series, LED conference light series, stage light series and related supporting products. Widely used in: TV stations, government units, business units, public security systems, schools, hotels and other places, and have been praised by users. Consulting Hotline: +86 159 4961 0761

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