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What issues should be considered in the construction of the lighting system of the studio, have you neglected?

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The construction of the studio lighting system covers all aspects of sub-items such as mechanical suspension, power supply, signal transmission, centralized control, and lighting configuration. Each sub-project has gone through a different technological development process, with a variety of architecture models, each with its own technical characteristics.

1. Hanging system

For a newly-built studio lighting system, mechanical suspension is an important link with high integration requirements, large engineering volume, multiple involvement, and long service life. It determines whether the lighting location of the studio is safe and reliable, and whether it is all-round. Dead corners, whether the space positioning of the lamps is flexible and convenient, and whether the lamp positions have various styles. According to different control methods, flexibility of changes, cost and cost, there are currently a variety of technologies and models to choose from: full-storey grape truss structure, fixed boom, aluminum alloy slide rail, electric lifting trolley, electric lifting boom, Electric walking lifting boom, multi-layer horizontal boom, Japanese-shaped electric boom, two-wing folding boom, combined lifting boom, mobile single point lifting structure, centralized control single point lifting structure, rotating lifting light pole, walking Rotating lifting boom and so on. For these different hanging equipment, there are multiple technical indicators such as heavy load, movement speed, positioning accuracy, and control mode.

Different from the frequent and thorough replacement of the old and new lamps, the mechanical suspension system has relative stability. Regardless of the key technology, main components, and integration methods, the update cycle is much longer. There are not many revolutionary new technologies. Most of them are based on the original basic style, and continuously improve and improve the accuracy, control, flexibility, safety and other functions and processes. The load-bearing structure of the studio, the size of the area, and the height of the space basically determine what kind of mechanical hanging method is suitable.

Studio lighting design

Studio lighting system

2. Control system

For all lamps in the studio (including machines, snow machines, special effects machines and other auxiliary equipment) to achieve centralized and unified operation and programming reproduction, a safe and stable lighting control system with large-capacity signals and full-point coverage is required. On the basis of the traditional DMX 512 signal, for some large-scale control signal systems, most of them currently use the backbone transmission network from the control room to the top of the grid, signal conversion on the top of the grid, and the placement of the DMX 512 signal on the boom; The transmission is all networked, DMX 512 decoder to the boom; if all terminal equipment selects lamps that can directly receive network signals, a full-link network signal can be realized. In addition, wireless signal transmission technology is not only a supplement and backup to the wired signal system, but also can solve many problems that cannot be directly wired in special occasions. There are also multiple modes for the selection and configuration of the console. One person and one console can control all the lighting effects, or two people and two consoles can be responsible for the surface light and the effect light. The backup of the console is also divided into choosing the same brand, model or different brand and model, whether to use hot backup or cold backup.

3. Power supply system

Lighting is a major power user in the studio. The rationality and safety of the design of the high-power power supply system is a link that must be taken seriously in the lighting design of the studio. The main equipment of the traditional power supply system is concentrated in the lighting distribution room, and all circuits are extended from the terminal cabinet in the computer room to the boom and ground sockets. As the studio space becomes larger, the number of circuits is increasing, and the direct power supply becomes the mainstream, the distributed power supply method is gradually accepted by everyone. According to the difference in demand, integration method and product maturity, it is divided into main distributed power supply and fully distributed power supply. In addition, the monitoring of the power supply system is also highly valued. At present, major domestic integrated manufacturers have good technologies and products for the status monitoring, safety protection, and fault alarm of each link of the power supply link. As a major power user in the studio, while arranging the electricity consumption of the lighting itself, it must also take into account the planning and monitoring management of the stage scenery, LED large screens, props, and venue lights.


Studio lighting system

4. Lighting system

Lamps are a single piece of equipment with many varieties and quantities in the lighting system of the studio, and they are also the final service objects of this lighting system. Compared with mechanical hanging, power supply, and signal control, the lighting configuration is more personalized.

Especially in recent years, with the large-scale entry of LED lamps into the big family of performing arts lamps, great changes have taken place in the positioning and understanding of lamps in the industry. It is no longer the split mode of the lamp body produced by the lamp manufacturer and the supporting light source produced by the bulb manufacturer. The integrated production of the lamp body and the light source makes the varieties, models, specifications, and parameters of LED lamps rich and diverse. The uniform naming, standardized positioning, and Horizontal comparison has become blurred and difficult, and each manufacturer has its own differentiated products. Instead of calling it a lamp, it is better to think of LED as an electronic product.

For the configuration of TV studio lamps, it is necessary to choose surface light lamps with good consistency, high luminous efficiency, and good stability among all kinds of traditional tungsten filament lamps, gas discharge bulb lamps, and LED light source lamps. It is often the user. Key considerations. The fast replacement of lamps and lanterns is an issue that everyone must seriously consider.

5. Supporting system for studio

The studio is a place where actors and staff of various types of work, such as audio and video, lighting, stage and video, and logistics support, work together. In addition to the design and installation of equipment, the planning and design of various supporting systems is also very important. Humanized, rationalized, and convenient supporting facilities have brought great convenience to program recording. The setting of horse trails needs to consider factors such as height, width, surround, guardrail structure, additional functions, various signal power supply reservations, air conditioning, ventilation, load-bearing, etc.; for setting horse trails, factors such as height, density, width, load-bearing, and safety should be considered; studios The entrance and exit passages need to consider the opening of different specifications of actors, audiences, props, etc.; the interior of the studio needs to be designed with ladders or inclined ladders; the air-conditioning system must meet the requirements of cooling and heating, and the discharge density of the air duct, the height of the air outlet, and the control method All need to make targeted design; the lighting design of the field light needs to adapt to the studio's program recording working mode in terms of position, angle, switch control, layering and sub-regions, etc.

Studio lighting system

Studio lighting system

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