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What is the three primary color conference light, what is its purpose and operating instructions

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What is the tri-color conference light? According to the usual customary concept, the three-color conference lamp is a lamp with four or six lamp tubes. The light source of the lamp tube emits light from the three-color red, green and blue spectrum. At the same time, it is widely used in meeting rooms, studios, and multi-functions. Halls and other places, so it is called three-color conference lights. It can also be called tri-primary cold light, tri-primary fluorescent light or tri-primary light for short, but everyone's name is different. But it must be noted that the three primary color meeting lights are not grille lights in the traditional sense.

The three-color conference lights are usually 4 tubes 36W, 4 tubes 55W, and 6 tubes 55W; according to the installation method, they are divided into embedded and hanging types. The color temperature is 3000K-5000K, and the color rendering index is about 85. Compared with the traditional heat source, the luminous efficiency is high, the temperature is low, and the heat can be reduced by more than 90%, which can basically meet the lighting needs of meeting rooms, studios and other places. Compared with the past, few people use three-primary conference lights. They all use new green light source LEDs, which are used to be called LED three-primary conference lights.


Tri-color meeting lights

What is the LED three-color conference light? The light source adopts imported LED, the display index is as high as (high color reproduction) Ra≥92, the color temperature is 3000K to 6000K, which can meet the needs of high-definition shooting; high light efficiency, low heat. Using luminescence technology, the calorific value is much lower than that of the three-primary color lamps, and you will not feel uncomfortable baking and heating during a long meeting; energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and non-radiation. The light quality is good, there is no ultraviolet and infrared, it is a typical green lighting source. The LED is made of non-toxic materials. The three-color fluorescent tube contains mercury that will cause pollution; the service life is more than 50,000 hours, and it is more and more widely used. Defects of the base color conference lights. Vangaa photoelectric LED three-color conference light, creating a better light perception experience.

LED three-color conference light

LED three-color conference light

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