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What is the illuminance of the LED conference light

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What is the illuminance of the LED conference light

The illuminance of LED meeting lights is a basic requirement of meeting room lighting design. The LED conference light adopts high-brightness SMD lamp beads, a large-area matrix arrangement, natural heat dissipation through an all-aluminum shell, and ultra-quiet characteristics. It is widely used in video conference rooms, multi-functional hall conference rooms, multimedia conference rooms, lecture halls...Meet the illumination requirements of the conference room, and at the same time, it can also meet the requirements of the conference room's photography recording, photographic picture collection and transmission.

Illumination parameters of LED three-color conference light

Comparison of illuminance between LED conference light and traditional three-color cold light

The illuminance of the LED conference light will gradually decrease as the distance is farther. The illuminance contrast between the 150-watt LED conference light and the traditional three-primary cold light is significantly higher. In addition to the power of LED conference lights: 150 watts, there are 200 watts; color temperature: 3200k, 5600k and adjustable temperature (3200k-5600k) detailed parameters; styles: embedded, embedded manual flip, embedded electric flip (LED conference Lamp illuminance effect).

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