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What is a remote spotlight and where is it mainly used

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What is a remote spotlight and where is it mainly used

The remote spotlight means a lamp that can be controlled remotely, and the other means a lamp that illuminates a long distance. The remote spotlight mentioned here can be used to remotely control lamps and illuminate a long distance. It is usually used as surface light, side light, and backlight. It is widely used in large conference room lighting, theater auditorium lighting, multi-function hall lighting, large stage lighting, etc. Scenes.

In order to facilitate the operation of various stage scenes, the remote spotlight is adjusted from dark to bright (0%-100% linear dimming) through the international DMX512 signal, which is the basic function. The color temperature is adjustable from 3000K to 6000K, and the light output angle can be adjusted through the electronic zoom. All functions are controlled remotely, which plays an important role in stage lighting effects.

Remote spotlight

Remote spotlight (LED video spotlight)

The remote spotlight adopts high-power high-CRI COB LED light source with high luminous efficiency and long range. The 200W LED power illuminance is at a distance of 10-12 meters. It can be used directly as a surface light, which can illuminate the scene of the stage characters very brightly, clearly and shiny. For example, in large conference rooms, theater auditoriums, multi-function halls, etc., which are relatively far away and relatively high, if the illuminance does not meet the distance requirements, the entire stage will not be illuminated at all.

Digital ellipsoidal light LED series

Remote spotlight (LED imaging light)

Traditional thermal light sources for remote spotlights are rare. They all use LED light sources. They have remote control, long light distance, high color temperature, energy saving and environmental protection, high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption. "Likeshi" focuses on the research and development, production and sales of special lamps such as meeting room lighting, studio lighting, multi-function hall lighting, theater auditorium lighting, etc. The main series include LED remote spotlight series, LED conference light series, LED film and television flat soft Light series, LED digital spotlight series, LED imaging light series, LED sky curtain light series.

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