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What common lamps and lanterns are needed for stage lighting configuration?

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In modern times, more and more meeting rooms, multi-function halls, lecture halls, banquet halls, and gymnasiums will involve stage lighting configuration, but many customers do not know much about stage lighting equipment and do not know which common lamps need to be configured. Guangzhou Liming Optoelectronics stage lighting manufacturer will take you to understand some commonly used lamps and their functions. That way, when choosing lamps and lanterns, you won't feel confused and troubled.

LED film and television panel soft light

The LED film and television panel-panel soft light uses imported light source LED chip lamp beads, large-area matrix lighting, patented heat dissipation, high light transmittance, high luminous efficiency, high brightness; high color rendering index, consistent light color, high color reproduction of image screens, satisfying High-definition shooting; uniform and soft light, no glare and no flicker, can be used as surface light, top light, and side light, with a light effect of 3-4 meters. It is widely used in studios, multi-functional halls, theater auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-functional meeting rooms, recording rooms and other places.

LED film and television panel soft light

LED film and television panel soft light

LED fresnel light

LED video spotlight or LED threaded spotlight is a lamp that can be used as stage surface light, side light, backlight, and contour light. It uses high color rendering COB LED as the light-emitting element, no stroboscopic, soft light, consistent light color, beam With large angle, abundant light intensity and uniform color spots, it can record or photograph the stage characters more clearly, softly and more three-dimensionally. The light effect is 5-10 meters. It is widely used in studios, multi-function halls, lecture halls, theater auditoriums, hotel banquet halls, lecture halls, multimedia conference rooms and other places.

led fresnel light

LED fresnel light

LED ellipsoidal light

LED ellipsoidal lights or shaped lights, ellipsoid spotlights. The light source adopts high-power COB LEDs. It is an all-rounder in terms of color and brightness. It is almost beautiful in color and brightness. The light spot is uniform, the cut light is clear, and the boundary is no Stray light, the light effect is 10-20 meters. It is suitable for face light, slap, side light, and backlight in various performance venues, and is widely used in theater auditoriums, large TV studios, conferences and other places.

Digital ellipsoidal light LED series

LED ellipsoidal light

LED Par Light

LED par lights or LED dyeing lights are rich in color mixing, bright colors, and up to 16.7 million color mixing effects. They have transparent and bright light. The color temperature is consistent. Energy saving and environmental protection. No radiation. High light efficiency. Low heat. It is a stage performance. Banquet. Rendering lights commonly used in weddings and bars. Usually used as dyeing, white light can also be used as surface light.

LED Par Light

LED Par Light

Heaven and earth row of lights

A top light boom is installed in front of the sky curtain and behind the stage for the sky curtain to illuminate. Illuminate a large area of curtain from top to bottom at close range; ground row lights are used to place on the light troughs on the stage floor, illuminate from bottom to top, and connect with the light from the sky row lights. The upper and lower light rays are equal, and the projection area is large, which is common There are 60 LED sky curtain lights, 108 LED sky curtain lights, dual-row 7-color LED sky and earth row lights. The color mixing is rich and uniform. It can quickly bring out high-quality white light, the color temperature is 2700K-8000K, and the color rendering index is as high as 90 or more. It can quickly call out the special colors for theaters and theaters, making it a good choice for theaters and performances.

LED World Row Lights

LED World Row Lights

Computer lights

Computer lights are divided into beam lights, moving head lights, and three-in-one computer lights. The big difference between beam lights and computer moving head lights is that moving head lights mainly use patterns, while beam lights mainly use beams and beams. Although they are all capable of patterning and beaming, there are still primary and secondary distinctions. The beam light is mainly used in places 12 meters away, while the moving head light can be used within 5 meters; the three-in-one computer light is the three-in-one beam, dyeing, and pattern.

Both beam light and moving head light can be used in combination, so that both long and short distances can be taken into account, and the effect of using it at the same time is better. Every kind of lighting fixture has its function. In the creation of stage lighting effects, it is like performing their own duties to jointly create brilliant and colorful stage lighting effects. The three-in-one computer light can be used as an auxiliary light, just a part of it.

Stage beam lights

Computer lights

Vangaa lighting focuses on stage lighting configuration, entered the stage lighting industry in 2004, 14 years of experience and technology precipitation. Provide light bitmaps, system diagrams, effect diagrams, lighting configuration; free technical guidance, appointment installation, debugging, training qualifications are complete, four systems, CE, ROHS, and test reports. We uphold the behavioral philosophy of continuous improvement, attitude, and teamwork, and respect every penny and trust of our customers.

The company's main product series: LED panel soft light series, LED spotlight series, LED conference light series, LED ellipsoidal light series, LED par light series, LED world row light series, computer moving head beam light series, and related ancillary products.

Products and services have been tested and approved by Sinopec, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Post, Communication University of Beijing, Shantou University, Shaoguan University, dozens of public security systems, TV studios, and art theaters. Consultation hotline +86 159 4961 0761

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