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What are the stage lighting equipment configurations

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Many people who do weak current or integration usually need to contact the stage lighting equipment configuration, but often the lighting part is weak, and I don’t know what to configure when encountering the stage lighting equipment configuration. Stage lighting mainly includes basic light, effect light, character light, background light and lighting console equipment. The following briefly introduces the main functions of these lights. If you need stage lighting equipment configuration details, please consult us.

1. Basic light

In order to allow the audience to see clearly the stage and the performance. The first thing is to give the whole stage a basic lighting. This basic illumination includes uniform white light and color light illumination. Basic white light lighting is necessary, but the illumination requirements are not high, especially in some occasions with a lot of appreciation, or the climax of certain performances, or some special performances (such as magic), basic white light is particularly important. The basic color light is the atmosphere light of the overall stage. Determines the tone of the entire lighting effect, whether it is passionate and unrestrained, or romantic and warm, or melancholy. In the selection of lamps and lanterns, spotlights should be used for the light installed in front of the stage and projected to the stage. The colored light is obtained by adding color filters. The color should not be too dark. Spotlights are generally used on the top of the stage performance and the back of the stage (backlight). Beam spotlights can be used, the direction of the light is cast on the body from behind, the brightness can be brighter, and the color can also be thicker.

Stage lighting equipment

Stage lighting equipment configuration effect display

2. Basic effect lights

Composed of directional beam lamps, it has a three-dimensional spatial aesthetics, and the color changes in various ways. The shape can be combined and changed at will by the stage lighting engineer.

3. Special effect lights

Computer lights are good special effect lamps because of their superior performance and ever-changing effects. But computer lights are more expensive, so they must be considered under the premise of ensuring basic light and basic effects. At the same time, due to the use of computer lights, the number of basic effect lights can be relatively reduced. The mechanical lamps and lanterns of various lamps, because of their relatively single and fixed functions, will feel that they are not easy to control, so they can be equipped with less.

4. Character light

Group performances and large-area lighting are solved by basic white lights. The local lighting and the lighting of the host are solved by the follow spot light, so it is easy to match 2 to 3 sets of follow spot lights to cope with different occasions. The team or other relatively fixed performers can use beam spotlights to cast light at a fixed point.

5. Backlight

The background of the song and dance hall will change with the different performers, and each change is due to aesthetics or the needs of the program. The background light is to highlight these background objects appropriately, so that they can be integrated into the performance, and set off the theme. Commonly used background lights include sky curtain lights, ground curtain lights, beam lights, etc.

6. Lighting console

All the above-mentioned lights need to control their brightness. SCR equipment is generally used for control. When choosing a lighting console, it is advisable to choose a console type product with strong effects, a large number of controllable loops, and easy operation. If the economy permits, it is better to use a computer console.

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