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What advantages should a true LED tricolor lamp manufacturer have?

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What advantages should a true LED tricolor lamp manufacturer have?

Guangzhou Vangaa Optoelectronics LED tri-color light manufacturer, focusing on LED tri-color light, widely used in meeting room lighting, studio lighting, multi-function hall lighting, theater auditorium lighting...Four major system certification, CE, ROHS, testing The report, complete qualifications, products obtained dozens of technical patents, R & D investment is increasing year by year, and won the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Giant, Guangdong Province High-tech Cultivation Enterprise, Guangdong Province Innovative Technology Enterprise and other awards.

Advantages of LED tricolor lamp manufacturers:

Imported LED light source: Philips, Osram, CREE, EDISON, the quality of imported LED light source is more guaranteed

High color reproduction: color rendering index ≥92, the picture color reproduction is true and clear, meeting high-definition shooting

Accurate color temperature: color temperature 2500K-10000K, light and color consistency, to avoid the phenomenon of blue and red shooting pictures

High brightness: After testing by measuring tools: integrating sphere and illuminance meter, the brightness of the same power is increased by more than 30% than traditional light sources

No stroboscopic: no stroboscopic, no pull lines, no blue light hazard, avoid the up and down fluctuations of the picture ripple, avoid visual glare and fatigue

Stable performance: after the factory has passed multiple inspections, more than 20 tests such as long-term aging test, line inspection, temperature rise, anti-corrosion, noise, etc.

Quality Assurance: The supporting manufacturers of imported light sources, power supplies and chassis have passed the ISO9001 system certification, and the raw materials have reached the corresponding industry standards

LED tricolor light

LED tricolor light

Vangaa Optoelectronics LED tricolor lamp manufacturer, 13 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. Provide light bitmaps, system diagrams, renderings, lighting configuration; free technical guidance, appointment installation, debugging, training; the company's main product series: LED video light series, LED conference light series, stage light series, and related supporting products . Widely used in: national central enterprises, government agencies, radio and television stations, school enterprises, public security systems, hotels and other places, and have been unanimously praised by users. Consultation hotline 159 4961 0761

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