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Vangaa ligting 14 years stage computer moving head light manufacturer

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Vangaa ligting stage computer moving head light manufacturer, entered stage lighting in 2004, 14 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. The main series of products are: LED spotlight series, LED three-color soft light series, LED conference light series, LED imaging light series, computer moving head light series, LED par light series, LED sky curtain light series and control system supporting products, film and television lighting, Conference room lighting, stage lighting equipment configuration manufacturer.

Stage moving head light

Stage moving head light manufacturers

1. Direct sales of stage computer moving head light manufacturers' products, reducing unnecessary intermediate links, cost-effective, saving costs, and reducing circulation costs; products can be shipped on schedule, shortening the time for completion of the project, and reducing the budget.

2. Vangaa ligting has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 ring mirror management system certification, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, has an intellectual property awareness system, and is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong. The computer moving head light has CE certification and corresponding test report, which can be provided to customers for bidding free of charge, which can save the trouble of failing acceptance without test report.

3. Vangaa ligting has more than ten years of industry experience and technical personnel, who can provide one-to-one technical guidance at any time, make appointments to guide construction and installation, free technical installation guidance, save installation procedures, and easy to use.

Vangaa ligting stage computer moving head lamp manufacturer has provided lighting for hundreds of government multi-function hall meeting rooms, school corporate meeting room stage lighting, hotel wedding banquet hall lighting, theater auditorium lighting, bar lighting and other performance venues. Unanimously praised. Consulting Hotline: +86 159 4961 0761

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