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Vangaa lighting 3W54pcs LED par light refuses to be cheap, quality is guaranteed

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Vangaa lighting 3W54 LED par lights are divided into waterproof and non-waterproof. Each ultra-bright light-emitting diode with a power of 3W, but its brightness is comparable to ordinary light bulbs above 500 watts, and there is no need to install color paper or color changer. , Green and blue light-emitting diodes can mix seven main colors and hundreds of different colors, with bright colors, and the lamps can be dimmed by themselves, without the need for expensive silicon boxes.

3W54pcs waterproof LED par light parameters:

Model number: VG-LP354A

Light source: 54 3W LED lamp beads

Power supply voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

Rated power: 200W

Number of lamp beads: Red: 12, Green: 14, Blue: 14, White: 14

Light source life: 50000 hours

Light angle: 15/25/45/60 degrees

Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming

Control panel: digital display + four buttons

Channel mode: 9CH

Protection level: IP65

Heat dissipation method: cast aluminum chassis heat dissipation

Control mode: DMX512 control/manual mode

Ambient temperature: -25℃~+45℃

Accessories: power cord, signal cord

Net weight/Gross weight: 8.5KG

Lamp body size: 350*290*290MM

3W54pcs LED Par Light

3W54pcs LED Par Light

3W54 LED par lights are very popular in stage lighting. The current price of this par light is very different in the market, and the low price is definitely cheap and not guaranteed. Vangaa lighting only uses Philips, Osram, CREE, EDISON light sources, their light source performance is stable, full color, high lumen and long life;

Vangaa lighting focuses on LED par lights, engaged in stage lighting in 2004, and has 13 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. Provide free technical guidance for light bitmaps, system diagrams, effect diagrams, lighting configuration, appointments for installation, commissioning, and training qualifications, four major systems, CE, ROHS, and test reports. We uphold the behavioral philosophy of continuous improvement, attitude, and teamwork, and respect every penny and trust of our customers.

The company's main product series are: LED video light series, LED conference light series, stage light series and related supporting products. Widely used in: TV stations, government units, business units, public security systems, schools, hotels and other places, and have been praised by users. Consulting Hotline: +86 159 4961 0761

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