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The virtual studio lighting project of Guangzhou Second Normal University was completed

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Vangaa lighting has matured in campus virtual studio lighting design and application. A project was completed in two days. The lighting of its lamps is 1.5 vertical distance from the ground, and the illuminance reaches more than 2000LX; the color temperature is white 5600K; the color rendering index Ra value is ≥92; Glare, no flicker, no glare, no matter in recording or live broadcast, it can meet the functions of high-definition shooting and video transmission.

virtual studio in Ghuangzhou China

The size of the studio is determined according to its area, and the size of the studio directly determines the layout of the studio lighting. Generally speaking, a large studio is more than 300 square meters, a medium studio is between 100 and 300 square meters, and a small studio is less than 100 square meters; secondly, the lighting technique should be selected according to the type of studio, such as virtual studio , Real-view studios, interview studios, panoramic studios, etc., their lighting configuration methods are different.

From design to installation, the multifunctional studio lighting project of Guangdong Second Normal University was completely installed by the Vangaa lighting construction team. It only took two days to complete all the installation procedures. Enough to reflect the powerful strength of Vangaa lighting. In the project, LED tricolor lights (LED film and television flat soft light) are used as surface light, contour light and top light. The color temperature is 3200K or 5600K, and the illuminance is above 800LUX. LED digital spotlight is used as auxiliary light. This light has rich colors, high luminous efficiency, color rendering index not less than 92, and high color reproduction. The studio LED panel lights create a good recording environment, which allows the host to perform and perform normally in front of the TV. While ensuring the lighting effects, it also greatly improves the quality of the program.

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