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The value of choosing LED soft panel for studio lighting

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The value of choosing LED soft panel for studio lighting

LED soft light is also called LED soft panel, LED three-primary soft light. Different from three-primary soft light, LED soft light belongs to LED cold light source. LED soft light is a commonly used lamp in studio lighting and various meeting room lighting. The use of LED lamp beads does not contain mercury and harmful metals, is environmentally friendly and has no radiation, and the materials can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment; high luminous efficiency, There is no heat; the life span is as long as 50,000 hours, which is 5 times the life span of tri-color lamps, which plays a very important role in the sustainable development of the social environment and economy.

LED soft panel light

LED soft light

"Vangaa" LED soft panel uses 384 0.5W high-brightness LED SMD lamp beads, large-area matrix arrangement, natural heat dissipation through the all-aluminum shell, with high brightness, good heat dissipation, ultra-quiet, anti-vibration, high CRI, environmental protection and energy saving Features. The most frequently used scenes are studio lighting, such as TV studios, campus studios, virtual studios, etc., which are generally used as backlight, top light, side light and surface light.

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