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The advantages of studio LED lighting configuration compared to studio three-color lighting

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Traditional studio lighting generally uses three-primary color light source, because of its large heat generation and the light source is likely to cause environmental pollution. At present, the studio is equipped with LED lighting. Compared with the existing incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, it has several obvious advantages, including: a service life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours; energy saving and environmental protection, the same The lighting effect is about 80 or more energy-saving than traditional light sources; maintenance costs are low; solid, environmentally friendly, no radiation, low light decay; waste can be reused, and does not contain harmful elements such as mercury.

Studio LED lighting is becoming more and more mature. Countries and regions have successively introduced light sources that limit low luminous efficiency, advocating green environmental protection, and high energy efficiency applications in large-scale studio halls, campus virtual studios, TV studios, recording and broadcasting classrooms, and so on.

The studio LED lighting configuration mainly includes two types of lamps: LED flat soft light and LED video spotlight. The LED flat soft light is the surface light and basic light, and the LED video spotlight is the contour light and auxiliary light.

Studio lighting design

Studio LED lighting

First: These two lamps are light, easy to install, and easy to control with dimming, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the studio.

Second: Compared with other lamps, the LED flat soft light has a larger irradiated area. The irradiated light is uniform and soft, anti-glare, and the color reproduction is true and clear, giving the studio a high-definition soft lighting effect.

Third: Traditional studio lamps have poor heat dissipation conditions. Even if the three-color lamps are used together with more than 20 lamps, it will inevitably make the host feel hot, and these two LED lamps naturally dissipate heat through the all-aluminum shell, and ultra-low heat is the main reason. One of the advantages.

Vangaa lighting focuses on studio LED lighting, using high-brightness SMD lamp beads, large-area matrix arrangement, has the advantages of high brightness, good heat dissipation, ultra-quiet, high CRI, energy saving and environmental protection, and eliminates low-cost lamps!

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