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The LED moving head wash light is light in size, rich in colors, essential for stage rendering

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LED moving head wash light is called computer moving head wash light, or LED wash light for short. It is small, light and has a powerful light output. It can provide RGBW color mixing and comprehensive color mixing effects. The color is pure and rich, and it is widely used in large-scale variety shows. And entertainment venues for color rendering effects.

Vangaa lightingLED moving head wash lamp has stable performance. It has undergone multiple inspections, long-term aging test, circuit inspection, temperature rise, corrosion resistance, and noise. The supporting manufacturers of imported light sources, power supplies, and chassis have passed ISO9001 system certification. The raw materials have reached the corresponding industry standards, and the quality is guaranteed!

Stage moving head light

LED moving head wash light

Vangaa lighting focuses on LED moving head wash lights. It entered the stage lighting industry in 2004 and has 14 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. Provide light bitmap, system diagram, effect diagram, lighting configuration; free technical guidance, appointment installation, debugging, training; four system certification, CE, ROHS, test report, complete qualifications.

The company's main product series: LED spotlight series, LED three-color soft light series, LED conference light series, LED imaging light series, LED par light series, computer moving head beam light series, LED wall washer series, and related ancillary products. Widely used in: national central enterprises, government agencies, radio and television stations, school enterprises, public security systems, hotels and other places, and have been unanimously praised by users. Consultation hotline +86 159 4961 0761

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