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Should the studio lighting choose an LED light source or a three-primary color light source?

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Should the studio lighting choose an LED light source or a three-primary color light source?

Many people do not know whether to choose LED light source or tri-color light source when facing studio lighting? Both LED light source and tri-color light source are commonly used light sources in studios. They can meet the requirements of studio lighting. Compared with traditional thermal light sources, they have low heat, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, soft color temperature, soft light, and long life. Features. Now it is easy to choose the light source of studio lamps that suits you just by distinguishing where they are different.

Let's take a look at the studio's three-primary color light source. Gu Mingsi is a light fixture made of three primary colors of red, green, and blue phosphors. Commonly used three-primary-color light sources in studios include three-primary fluorescent lamps, three-primary cold lights, and three-primary soft lights, collectively referred to as three-primary lights. They are suitable for studios, TV stations, conference rooms and other places. They are generally divided into: hanging type and Built-in type; 2 tubes 55W, 4 tubes 36W/55W and 6 tubes 55W. Its advantages are: accurate color temperature, good color rendering, high color reproduction rate, and relatively soft light. The disadvantage is that the phosphor used in the three primary color tubes contains metal substances (mercury), and the materials cannot be reused, which is easy to cause damage to the environment. Pollution.

Studio LED light source lamps

Studio LED light source lamps

Let's take a look at the studio LED light source, LED referred to as light-emitting diode, there are in-line lamp beads, patch lamp beads and high-power LED lamp beads. Commonly used LED light sources for studio lighting include LED flat-panel soft lights (LED three-color lights) and LED spotlights, which are suitable for studios, multi-function halls, TV stations, conference rooms and other places. Its advantages are: high brightness, low power consumption, bright colors, soft light, anti-vibration, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and no radiation, it is a typical green cold light source.

Under the same power, color temperature, CRI, and distance, the illuminance is equivalent to the LED light source is twice that of the three-primary light source; the life of the LED is more than 50,000h, and the service life of the three-primary lamp is generally 10,000h; if the three-primary lamp is long The LED will still feel the heat, and the LED can hardly feel any heat; then, the cost of the LED may be more than a thousand, and the three primary colors may be a few hundred. But in terms of illuminance, light source life, post-maintenance cost, plus national push, LED is the mainstream trend now, studio lighting should choose LED light source!

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