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LED studio panel light lighting techniques

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LED studio panel light lighting techniques

1. Lighting in the form of station broadcasting

Station broadcasting is an important form of news programs, and there are many cases in various types of programs such as information, weather, interaction, and commentary. Station broadcasting is more flexible than other broadcasting methods. Usually a large screen or light box is the background. When single-person fixed-point broadcasting, lighting can be carried out on the basis of "three-point lighting", each position uses 3 to 5 LED studio soft pannel light; if it is a walking broadcast within an area, it can be made with panel light A continuous uniform surface light zone. According to the size of the walking range, a panel light can be arranged every 1 m width for surface lighting. Backlight choose studio panel light or spotlight according to the size of the moving range and the height of the studio floor. The main direction of the surface light is consistent with the direction of the camera. The distance between the host and the background of the large screen should be more than 1.5 m. If it is a large-pitch LED screen, the distance should be larger depending on the situation to avoid camera moiré and stray light from interfering with the screen.

LED studio pannel light lighting techniques

LED studio pannel light lighting techniques and application details

2. Lighting in the form of seated broadcasting

Sitting broadcast is a multi-purpose program format for current affairs news, people's livelihood news, and talk shows. There are different lighting methods for single, double and multiple people. Single-person lighting is usually improved on the basis of "three-point lighting". You can increase the number of flat lights and improve the angle to create uniform lighting for the host. For the lighting of the face light, each host uses 3 to 5 LED panel lights as the main face light and side light of a single host. Backlighting can use threaded LED spotlights or LED imaging lights with the same color temperature, which is more effective for the area control of the light zone and the contour lighting of the presenter. Use the eye light under the broadcasting table to dilute the shadow of the host’s face. When lighting for two people and lighting for multiple people, the specific role of the directionality of each light must be considered. Sometimes it is necessary to consider one light for multiple purposes, for example, as the side light of host A, but also to take into account the backlight of host B; sometimes it is necessary to use a special light, when two or more hosts are sitting close to the situation under. Use cover and black flag boards to prevent stray light from affecting the faces of other presenters.

The studio lighting developed and manufactured by Guangzhou Vangaa for the studio can fully meet the above needs. We can see from tomorrow's article.

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