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LED fresnel spotlight classification of stage lighting

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LED fresnel spotlight classification of stage lighting

There are many classifications of stage lighting led fresnel spotlight, which are divided into different types of stage led fresnel spotlight according to the illumination distance of the lamps and the number of lamp beads. Led fresnel spotlight is used for studio lighting, multifunctional hall meeting room lighting, theater auditorium lighting, banquet hall lighting, etc. It is usually used as stage surface light, side light, and backlight. Different LED spotlights have different uses and characteristics, and you can choose according to your own stage scene needs and stage lighting needs.

The led fresnel spotlight is far from the LED imaging light according to the illumination distance. Imaging lamp, or shaped lamp, ellipsoid spotlight, it is a versatile all-rounder, the performance in color and brightness is almost as beautiful as ordinary incandescent lamp, long-distance projection and high-precision optical system, strong power may bring two Times the luminous flux, the irradiation distance reaches more than 10 meters.

LED fresnel spotlight

led fresnel spotlight

According to the number of led fresnel spotlight, it can be divided into LED par light and LED video spotlight. The common LED par lights are 18, 28, 36, 54 and 84, which illuminate the beam, the color of the light is clear, and the color is rich, which brings brilliant lighting effects to the stage. LED film and television spotlights, as the name suggests, are used for stage film and television lighting, such as television studio shooting and recording, stage performance shooting and recording, multi-function hall shooting and recording, theater auditorium shooting and recording, its light source is a high-power LED lamp bead, using high-efficiency non Spherical condensing system, the lamp has high luminous efficiency, large beam angle and uniform spot.

LED spotlights, LED lighting fresnel spotlights, and LED downlights also belong to the category of led fresnel spotlights, but not stage lighting. Regis focuses on led fresnel spotlight, using high color rendering index LED as the light emitting element, high power density LED module and efficient aspherical concentrating system, uniform light color, high light transmittance, patented heat dissipation, energy saving and environmental protection. Traditional tungsten spotlights can save energy by more than 90%. Mainly include: LED spotlight series, LED conference light series, LED film and television flat soft light series, LED par light series, LED imaging light series, LED sky curtain light series, put an end to low-cost LED lights!

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