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How to use stage LED par light as surface light and dyeing effect

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How to use stage LED par light as surface light and dyeing effect

Many photographers complained that the stage LED par light has the surface light, which causes the color temperature of the shooting can not be adjusted accurately, the color is not correct, and it is difficult to take pictures, so should I choose an LED par light? Generally, common LED par lights have warm white (white light) and full color (three in one, four in one, five in one), so warm white LED par lights are used for stage surface lighting; full color because of the rich color mixing effect, the light The color is clear and bright, mainly used for the stage color rendering effect. Correct use of LED par lights can avoid inaccurate color temperature and incorrect color.


Stage LED Par Light

Stage LED par lights are long and short, small in size, illuminating light beams, used for lighting or rendering effects. They are common lamps on the stage. They are an ideal alternative to traditional Par lights. They have consistent color temperature, transparent and bright light, energy saving and environmental protection. No radiation, low power, high luminous efficiency, low heat, etc. Lijishi focuses on the research and development, production and sales of special lamps for film and television stage lighting, meeting room lighting, studio lighting, multi-function hall lighting, theater auditorium lighting, etc., to eliminate low-cost and insecure lamps.

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