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How to use beam light and moving head light in stage lighting, what is the difference?

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Stage lighting often uses beam lights and moving head lights. Many people don't know the difference between them. If you know their characteristics and functions, and how to use them in stage lighting, it will be easier to distinguish these two lamps.

The beam lamp is a pure beam lamp, which is characterized by a large diameter of the light beam outlet and high brightness. The disadvantage is that it is limited by the optics and the pattern is small. The conventional configuration has no rotating pattern. Therefore, manufacturers have added more prism effects to the beam lamp to make up for the shortcomings of insufficient pattern effects.

Stage moving head light

Beam light and moving head light

Moving head lights focus on the results after the beam of light, that is, light spots and patterns, which are generally used for dyeing and patterning. Due to the difference in luminous efficiency, the actual useable distance of the two lamps is also very different. The use distance of the beam lamp is generally about 12 meters, and the use range of the moving head lamp is only 5 meters, so the application effect occurs. obvious changes.

When the beam light is irradiated at close range, it is easy to feel dizzy and the light is too bright. The moving head light will not have this feeling. Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose a moving head light on a stage with a height of only three to five meters. The beam and patterns can appear to form a good atmosphere, and it will not be uncomfortable for the person who shines and bring them discomfort.

On the contrary, on a very high stage, the wide beam angle of the moving head light makes the beam of light very dark, and the lighting effect is not achieved. In this case, the beam light should be selected. Therefore, the beam light and pattern light should be selected according to the actual distance and effect, otherwise it will be counterproductive and the effect will not be good.

Many stage lights now use beam lights and moving head lights in combination, so that we can take into account both long and short distances, and the effect is better.

Banquet hall lighting effect case

Vangaa lighting beam light and moving head light effect case

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