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How to match the best combination of TV studio lighting fixtures?

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How to match the best combination of TV studio lighting fixtures?

Many county-level local radio and television studios or virtual studios of school companies don’t know how to match studio lighting fixtures. What kind of combination can be configured to ensure the effect of shooting lighting? Follow the problem, like the studios of these county-level TV stations or school companies are different from large-scale variety show studios. The lighting is basically fixed and there is no change. Its characteristics are mainly fixed-point lighting for characters, so there is no need to configure too many kinds of lamps. , But requires light and color consistency.

LED spotlights and LED panel soft lights are the best combination of lamps for studio lighting. Usually LED panel soft lights are used as the main light source, and LED spotlights are used as auxiliary light sources. They complement each other. The video screen is high-definition, the lighting has levels, and the host has a three-dimensional outline. , The eyes are piercing and energetic, to achieve the best visual effect of studio lighting.

The best combination of TV studio lighting

The best combination of LED spotlight and LED panel soft light for TV station studio lighting

When the LED spotlight is in use, the tilt angle is about 45°. It illuminates the light concentratedly, is strong and hard, has strong directionality, and has a long projection distance. The contour edge of the light spot is relatively clear, which can highlight a part, and can also enlarge the light spot to illuminate an area. It can be used as the main light source or auxiliary light source of studio lighting, and is often used for surface light, slap light, side light, etc. The shape of the LED panel soft light is rectangular, with a high light transmittance soft light board, the irradiation area is large, and the light scattering is soft and uniform. It is often used in the orientation of surface light, backlight, top light, and side light in studio lighting.

In the TV studio lighting match, LED spotlights and LED panel soft lights are definitely the best combination. The color temperature is stable and consistent, high color rendering index, soft and uniform light without flicker, which can ensure that the lighting achieves the desired effect, and also greatly reduces the amount of studio lamps and the cost of lighting system equipment configuration. Furthermore, eliminating the huge investment in the construction of special height studios has great economic value for all small studio builders with insufficient economic strength.

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