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How to connect WYSIWIG to ordinary DMX512 console

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How to connect WYSIWIG to ordinary DMX512 console:

First Step:

1. Open the control box "IP lighting network configuration"

2. Set DMX signal to Art-Net network signal

       WYSIWIG connect DMX512 console first step

WYSIWIG connect DMX512 console first step

The second step:

1. Open the computer "bottom left corner" to start

2. Find "CAST Software"

3. Open Wysiwyg Artnet Configurati

4. Set the same IP address as the computer

               WYSIWIG connects to DMX512 console the second step

WYSIWIG connects to DMX512 console the second step

Third Step:

1. Open the device manager of the wysiwyg software

2. New

3. Open Networks——Manufacturer——Artistic Licence——Artistic Licence Art-Net——Insert

4. Properties

5. Connect

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